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FanBuilder puts tracking pixels in your hands

You asked for it and now Ticketmaster has delivered it. Introducing our newest marketing tool, FanBuilder.

Following a period of development, Ticketmaster is very excited to deliver its newest application in Ticketmaster ONE, FanBuilder, which puts the power of tracking pixels back into your hands.

Over the past few years there has been an explosion is requests for pixel tracking, a marketing technique that allows marketers to link tracking pixels with digital assets in order to monitor and optimise marketing spend.

Previously, the process for implementing tracking pixels on Ticketmaster assets has been arduous and time-consuming. Fan Builder will change all that and will make it possible for our partners to quickly and easily implement their own tracking, saving plenty of time and stress.

FanBuilder is a fantastic product for Ticketmaster partners as it allows Ticketmaster to place third party tracking pixels on the confirmation page to track the performance of digital advertising. Pixel tracking is valuable for marketers as it accurately and easily shows them which of their digital campaigns are having the most impact and generating the most eyes on their desired product, in this case an event.

Ticketmaster has had the ability to track the effectiveness of some client campaigns with the use of Came From Codes (CFC), but FanBuilder will soon supersede the CFC offering, making it even easier for partners to implement and monitor.

FanBuilder is the newest application in Ticketmaster’s client centre, Ticketmaster ONE. Many of you would be familiar with the existing Ticketmaster ONE apps including Client Hub and Analytics, which also has an accompanying iPhone app, Ticker.

Ticketmaster ONE is set to become your one-stop destination for news, product information and useful applications. The addition of FanBuilder is another example of this.

FanBuilder is free of charge for standard third party pixels and may be available to you and your events. To find out if you are eligible to use FanBuilder, contact your Client Manager to hear more about the new product.

If you are yet to sign up to Ticketmaster ONE, make sure you get on board as soon as possible to take full advantage of the applications and information that are available through the offering. To arrange access to Ticketmaster ONE, please contact your Client Manager now.