Pop-Up Globe is popping up in Perth

Performing four of the Bard's best, Pop-up Globe is headed to Perth. The game is afoot!

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After two hugely successful seasons in Melbourne and Sydney, Pop-up Globe is headed to Perth this spring for six short weeks.

If you’ve been living under a rock for the last few years, Pop-up Globe is the world’s first full-scale temporary replica of the Globe Theatre in London that pops up for a limited season to perform four of the bard’s best.

The idea was born when founder Miles Gregory was inspired by his daughter’s pop-up book, which included a picture of Shakespeare’s original globe theatre. His daughter asked to visit the theatre, but it was a little far from their New Zealand home. Gregory then thought how great it would be if there was a full-scale replica of the globe theatre that could offer the public a chance to see Shakespeare’s masterpiece’s in the space for which they were written.

Gregory made his vision a reality and in its first two years in New Zealand over 450,000 people attended the Pop-up Globe.

If you’ve ever wanted to travel back in time and experience a Shakespearean play just as Wills himself intended, then now is your chance. Whether you want to pretend that you’re the Queen of England and sit in the seats right behind the stage or get up close and personal with the actors as a groundling (expect some heckling and perhaps a little blood and guts) Pop-up Globe has it all.

Pop-up Globe will perform Hamlet, Measure for Measure, A Midsummer Night’s Dream and Twelfth Night when it pops up at Crown Perth from Tuesday 8 October. Tickets start from just $29* so there’s hardly any excuse to limit yourself to just one performance.

Pop-Up Globe theatre opens in Perth 2019

This is the closest you’ll come to visiting Shakespearean England guys, and it couldn’t feel more authentic. Tickets are on sale now via