Jurassic Creatures transforms Perth Crown Pyramid

Attention adventurers, something huge is shaking Perth’s Crown Pyramid to its core.

We suggest you gather friends and family to investigate the venue’s latest interactive experience…

Jurassic Creatures, featuring Prehistoric Creatures of the Ice, is an interactive walk-through event that is designed to captivate young and old alike.

The curious and brave can explore an ancient world full of animatronic dinosaurs and prehistoric creatures of the ice.

Believe us, it’s pretty amazing how they’ve transformed things, taking you right back to a time when these incredible creatures walked the earth.

Watch them move, hear them roar and marvel with friends as you delve deep into the 165 million year domination of creatures like colossal Mammoths, fearsome Saber Tooth Tigers and of course, the T-Rex.

Kids can cecome a Palaeontologist for the day, equipped with an expert digger outfit before chipping away to unearth their very own fossil in the digging area.

Plus, heaps more activities including dinosaur art and crafts, fossil displays and amusement activities.

Experience Jurassic Creatures at Crown Pyramid until 30 April – book now at