The evolution of Cosentino; magician and escape artist

Let us take you on a journey through the times that Cosentino made his mark on the world.

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Cosentino is Australia’s most successful Illusionist and Escape artist performing to rave reviews globally.

‘International Magician of the Year’ and the only Australian to ever win the prestigious Merlin awards, Cosentino performs death-defying escapes that will thrill your senses, mind-boggling stage illusions, and cutting-edge street magic that twists your view of reality.

100 Years On – Houdini Inspired Escape Challenge

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In 2010, recreating the famous escape of his idol Harry Houdini in Melbourne 100 years earlier, Cosentino lowered himself into a tank at Melbourne Aquarium, chained to a 60kg weighted block. Although the stunt took him longer than Houdini, he still managed to escape unassisted in three minutes and 39 seconds (a crazy amount of time to be able to hold your breath!) using just a lock pick.

Australia’s Got Talent – Cosentino Audition

Australia's Got Talent 2011 Auditon- Cosentino (illusionist & Escape Artist) .mov

In 2011, Cosentino auditioned for Australia’s Got Talent claiming his mother got him into magic when he was just 13 by locking herself out of the house and giving him the chance to pick the lock. The judges loved his act for its modern twist, as he incorporated music and dance into the performance. Danni Minogue even described him as ‘Michael Jackson makes magic’.

Australia’s Got Talent – Cosentino Final Performance

Cosentino FINAL PERFORMANCE FULL Australias Got Talent .mov

Cosentino’s grand final performance on Australia’s Got Talent had everyone in the audience holding their breath. A Tim-Burton-meets-Michael-Jackson-style show with illusions that left everybody saying, “What just happened?”

Breathtaking Escape Challenge

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We challenge you to not hold your own breath as you watch Cosentino try to escape the chains and Perspex globe he is encased in all while holding his breath underwater.

Cosentino has only continued to amaze, touring globally and upping the ante with every performance, and most recently appearing on America’s Got Talent: The Champions. We couldn’t be more excited to welcome him back to Australia with his new tour Anything Is Possible and honestly, with Cosentino we truly believe anything IS possible.

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