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Cosentino takes us inside his ‘Anything Is Possible’ tour

Australia’s world-renowned entertainer and International Magician of the Year, Cosentino is set to take his new live show 'Anything Is Possible' around the country. Before he kicks off the tour this month, we sat down with him to chat all things magic, performance, and get some much-needed life advice

Being inches away from death at all times seems to be a state Australian magician Cosentino has become very comfortable with over the years. That’s probably why he is the best person to get life advice from.

When we sat down with him ahead of his upcoming national tour we asked just that, as we aimed to get the inside scoop on just how he undertakes the incredible feats he has become world-renowned for.

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For new and longtime fans, what can we expect from the show this time around? ‘Anything is Possible’ is the biggest stage show I’ve ever produced. It features crazier escapes, more mind-bending illusions, and trickier close-up magic than you have ever seen before.

How have you found audiences reacting to the new show? We’ve been performing all over the world and the audiences have been going crazy for the show. The response in all of the countries we’ve been to has been incredible.

How much time and planning goes into a show before you take it on the road? This 90-minute stage show has taken two and a half years to put together. The process is the most enjoyable part. I really love seeing a dream come to life – from conceiving ideas, to creation, development, rehearsal, then, of course, the performance.

You’ve been shocking audiences for years now, how do you continue to find inspiration and push the envelope further? My inspiration comes from many places – including films, books, music.


It’s been a little while since you undertook a national Australian tour. What do you hope Australian fans get out of this show? I hope the audience has an incredible experience and for 90 minutes allow themselves to be taken away by the magic. Don’t overthink it, just enjoy the experience unfolding before you.

What has your time overseas taught you about your craft? It has reaffirmed that magic transcends all language and culture barriers.

Illusions, escapes, and magic are all huge parts of your repertoire. Is there one that you prefer most? In my live show, you will see escapes, grand stage illusions, and street magic. Very few magic shows have all of these elements present in the one show. I like creating and performing all three disciplines. It’s part of the reason why our production has become so successful internationally.

You’ve also extended your resume to include some big screen acting. What was that experience like? I was fortunate to have a role in the latest Jackie Chan movie Bleeding Steel. Working with Jackie and his team was an incredible experience. I look forward to doing more movies over the next few years.

What is the most important lesson you’ve learnt across your years of performing? Anything and everything can go wrong, so be prepared.

For anyone who has dreams of performing onstage, what advice would you give them? Be original, be passionate, and work hard.


Cosentino will bring his ‘Anything Is Possible’ tour to Palais Theatre, Melbourne on Saturday 29 June and Crown Theatre, Perth on Saturday 20 July. Tickets are on sale via

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