Brisbane Comedy Festival 2020: Our top picks

*Cut to a shot of us laughing hysterically*

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As it enters its second decade, ​Brisbane Comedy​ Festival is rightly growing into a multi-venue extravaganza. With 14 performances spaces across five venues welcoming everything from ​stand u​p to improv and sketch ​comedy​, there’s sure to be something for every taste.

While in past years the festival has been centred around the Brisbane Powerhouse, we are excited to hear that this year the festival will expand their offering to venues The Tivoli and Fortitude Music Hall.

From homegrown humour machines to international heavy hitters, the up and comers you need to know and comedy veterans – you’ll spend the Brisbane Comedy Festival month in various stages of hysterical laughter. With so much good stuff jam-packed into the festival, here are our top picks.

Aaron Gocs – Gocsy Tonight (tickets)

Because what’s better than a night of music, games, trivia, jokes, and some other stuff too (maybe).

The Outpost Bar (Fortitude Music Hall) – Thursday 19 March until Saturday 21 March

Alex Williamson – Oi Mate! (tickets)

Because a comedy festival isn’t complete without an aggressive Australian telling jokes in a hilariously threatening manner, baring all with the type of truth usually reserved for therapy sessions.

The Tivoli – Saturday 14 March & Saturday 15 March

Demi Lardner & Tom Walker – We Mustn’t (tickets)

Because two is always better than one

The Outpost Bar (Fortitude Music Hall) – Thursday 19 March until Saturday 21 March

Fiona O’Loughlin – Addresses The Nation (tickets)

Because we can’t wait to hear the queen mess with all of us and call out where, what and who is full of the most bs in 2020.

Fortitude Music Hall – Friday 20 March

Fiona O'Loughlin - Meeting the Queen

Frank Woodley – *@#!king Clown (tickets)

Because comedy is like one of those old-fashioned washing machines with the ringers on top and Frank loves to push any topic or tale into the ringers and squeeze as much laughter out as he can.

The Tivoli – Friday 13 March until Sunday 15 March

Heath Franklin’s Chopper – The Silencer (tickets)

Because sometimes we just need someone to give us a bit of bloody shush amidst all the noise.

Fortitude Music Hall – Saturday 21 March

Ivan Aristeguieta – Pinata (tickets)

Because we’re all just figuring out if we’re growing up, or still just big kids and if the party is actually over or if it’s just beginning?

The Tivoli – Friday 20 March & Saturday 21 March

Ivan Aristeguieta - 2019 Melbourne Comedy Festival Opening Night Comedy Allstars Supershow

Jude Perl – I Have A Face (tickets)

Because yes we are overwhelmed, stressed, and constantly suffering from option-anxiety and we hear Jude has all the answers.

The Outpost Bar (Fortitude Music Hall) – Thursday 19 March until Saturday 21 March

Peter Helliar – Loopy (tickets)

Because the world is loopy and we should talk about it.

The Tivoli – Friday 20 March & Saturday 21 March

Rosie Waterland – Kid Chameleon (tickets)

Because when your world keeps changing, you kind of have no choice but to keep changing with it.

The Tivoli – Saturday 21 March

The Chaser Quarterly & The Shovel – The Anti-Experts Guide To Everything (tickets)

Because who better to take on the modern era’s scourge of experts than The Chaser’s Charles Firth and The Shovel’s James Schloffel?

Fortitude Music Hall – Thursday 19 March

Tommy Little – I’ll See Myself Out (tickets)

Because Tommy describes himself as “Australia’s premier dickhead” but we’ve met a lot of people and we actually think he’s pretty good.

Fortitude Music Hall – Friday 20 March & Saturday 21 March

Tickets to all these shows at Brisbane Comedy Festival go on sale Thursday 28 November @ 9am (local time). Brisbane Comedy Festival runs from Friday 21 February until Sunday 22 March 2020.