We went behind the scenes with the stars of Barnum

Bringing together the true story of PT Barnum alongside acrobatics, circus, and music – Barnum: The Circus Musical is a must-see show. We headed behind the scenes with the show's stars Todd McKenney (P.T. Barnum), Suzie Mathers (Jenny Lind), and Kirby Burgess (Ringmaster) to find out some exclusive info about the show.

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Reimagined from the classic 1980’s musical, Barnum: The Circus Musical brings the real-life story of the world’s greatest showman to the stage.

The personal account of P.T. Barnum, of Barnum & Bailey Circus, became a household name thanks to 2017’s Hollywood blockbuster The Greatest Showman, but make no mistake – this retelling is completely different. From huge musical solos to awe-inspiring aerial acrobatics, Barnum is a theatre experience like no other.

Barnum: The Circus Musical is on now at Melbourne’s Comedy Theatre. Tickets are on sale via