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Ticketmaster Talks: with the Melbourne Ice

We went down to O'Brien Icehouse to chat to the superstars of the Melbourne Ice, and even get on the ice and have a hit with the boys.

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We headed down to O’Brien Icehouse for the latest Ticketmaster Talks, to have a chat to several of the Melbourne Ice’s stars.

We even had interviewer Adam Hetherington hit the ice with the boys, who ply their trade in the Australian Ice Hockey League. Whilst, well and truly out of his depth, it was fantastic to get an appreciation of the skill and brutal physicality involved in the sport.

You can catch the interviews here, as we chat to the Ice’s international contingent: Kasey Kulczycki (Canada), Jacob Lundgren (Sweden), John Piotrowski (USA), Kahu Joyce (New Zealand), and Sebastian Andersson (Sweden).

Get to know the players, and then head down to catch the action at the Icehouse this year.

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