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Ultimate Sport Quiz: Australian national team nicknames

How well do you know Australia's national teams? Take our quiz and see if you can you guess these eight team nicknames in two minutes?

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Sport quiz: Test your knowledge of these Australian national team nicknames.

As a nation synonymous with our sporting talent, our national teams are right up there at the peak of the world stage.

But, how well do you know our national sporting sides and the nicknames they’re known by? How many nicknames can you nail?

The rules are simple. You have two minutes to see how many of the eight national team nicknames you can guess.

There are four sports included: football (soccer), rugby union, basketball, and field hockey, with both the men’s and women’s teams for each.

How many Australian national team nicknames can you guess? Take the quiz

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Including members of our national men’s football team kicking the season off in the K-League.