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Can you name each Brownlow Medalist of the past 20 years?

Test your footy knowledge with another AFL quiz, and see if you can name every Brownlow Medalist of the past 20 years

Put Thursday 11 June in your diary because the AFL is back.

We’re all missing seeing the champions of our game running around, albeit even if it is only from the comfort of your couch.

But while we wait for the final two weeks to fly by, why not test your knowledge with another AFL quiz? This time we are looking at the superstars of the modern era, trying to name each of the Brownlow Medalists of the past 20 years.

There may be a few stars who have won multiple of the game’s highest individual accolade, we’re giving you just eight minutes to see how many of our game’s modern greats you can successfully name.

Can you correctly guess all 20 players? Take the Brownlow Medalist quiz below.

Take the AFL quiz and see how many Brownlow Medalists of the past 20 years you can name

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