Quiz: Can you name all of the current AFL 250 gamers?

There are 19 currently listed 250-gamers in the AFL. Test your knowledge with our AFL quiz and see how many you can guess within four minutes.

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We love live footy just as much as anyone, but whilst we can’t watch our heroes in action at the moment, let’s have a little fun with this AFL Quiz .

Can you guess each of the currently listed AFL players who have notched up 250 games or more?

There are 19 in total, and we’ve given you just four minutes to do it! We’ve given you the Clubs they currently play for to help along the way.

Press ‘PLAY’ and type your answers into the ‘answer’ box. If it’s right, keep going. If it’s wrong, keep going. See how many you can pick in four minutes…

Test your knowledge with our AFL 250-gamer quiz

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