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AFL 2021 Grand Final | Top tips for getting tickets

With this year's AFL Grand Final tickets about to go on sale, here's everything you need to know to give you and your friends the best chance of being there.

Wondering how to get tickets to the 2021 AFL Grand Final? Get prepared with our top tips – good luck!

Recommended Ticket Tips:
•In line with Government Contact Tracing requirements, ticket purchasers MUST enter the full name and contact number of every attendee before purchasing tickets

All ticketholders need a My Ticketmaster account to access their 2021 AFL Finals tickets. Sign up or sign in here.

• Have all your Membership Barcodes ready to go. Once on the Ticket Purchase page, you will need to select the “Are You A Member?” option, and enter each barcode on a SEPARATE line

• Ensure you check your onsale time in advance – members should have been contacted by their club about which onsale priority window you can purchase in

ALL 2021 AFL tickets purchased via are digital , and can only be accessed via the Ticketmaster App or on a mobile browser – there will be no printed tickets

• Only purchase through Ticketmaster to guarantee you have a valid ticket for entry on game day.

• Take an extra five minutes to carefully read through this page in detail to best prepare for your AFL 2021 on sale

AFL 2021 Grand Final

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AFL 2021 Grand Final Onsale Times

    2021 AFL Grand Final: Melbourne v Western Bulldogs

    AFL Members

  • AFL Gold and Medallion Club Members: Sunday 12 September @ 9am AWST
  • AFL Silver Members: Sunday 12 September @ 11am AWST

  • AFL Membership remains non-transferable. Given current border restrictions relating to COVID-19 all VIC, NSW and ACT based members barcodes are not eligible to access Grand Final Ticketing.

    Melbourne Members

  • Priority 1: Monday 13 September @ 9am AWST
  • Priority 2: Monday 13 September @ 11am AWST
  • Priority 3: Monday 13 September @ 1pm AWST

  • Club Members should direct their member and barcode eligibility queries to their Club. Both clubs have sent information regarding member eligibility out to their members

    Western Bulldogs Members

  • Priority 1: Tuesday 14 September @ 9am AWST
  • Priority 2: Tuesday 14 September @ 11am AWST
  • Priority 3: Tuesday 14 September @ 1pm AWST

  • Club Members should direct their member and barcode eligibility queries to their Club. Both clubs have sent information regarding member eligibility out to their members

    General Public

  • General Public Thursday 16 September @ 10am AWST

AFL 2021 Grand Final Prices

CATEGORY 1$450*$383*
CATEGORY 2$405*$344*
CATEGORY 3$375*$319*
CATEGORY 4$330*$281*
CATEGORY 5$275*$234*
CATEGORY 6 (DRY-AREA)$185*$157*
*fees may apply

Is there a ticket limit for the General Public Onsale?

The maximum number of tickets per transaction in the General Public onsale is capped at four (4).

You MUST enter the full name and contact number of every attendee at checkout

In line with Government COVID Safety and Contact Tracing regulations, when purchasing AFL Grand Final Tickets you MUST enter the full name and contact number for every additional attendee/ticketholder in your group before purchasing tickets.

After selecting your tickets and delivery method, ticket purchasers will be instructed to enter the full name and mobile phone number of every attendee in their group. You will not be able to move forward from the ‘payment’ screen without entering all attendee contact details in.

**Please note: Ticket purchasers do not need to enter their own contact details during the purchase process


What if someone in my group doesn’t have a mobile phone?

If someone in your group doesn’t have their own mobile phone, ensure you enter their full name alongside the account holder/ticket purchaser’s phone number. You will not be able to proceed through the checkout if a full name and number aren’t supplied for every ticket.

What if there are children in my group?

If there is a child in your group who doesn’t have their own mobile phone, ensure you enter the child’s full name alongside the phone number belonging to the parent/guardian they will be attending the game with.

If I enter my friends’ phone number in, will they be sent their ticket?

You will still need to follow the Ticket Forwarding instructions to ensure each attendee has their own ticket on their own phone before attending the game. Contact Tracing does not replace Ticket Forwarding, and all tickets will still be in the purchaser’s account after checkout.

What if my group changes because someone can’t attend the game?

If your group changes before game day, ensure you forward their ticket to the new attendee’s phone – entering their full name and contact details to comply with Contact Tracing requirements.

How do Club Members access tickets?

**All Members need to “Unlock Members Tickets” via the Ticketmaster website. You will need to download the Ticketmaster app or access via your mobile web browser. See more about digital tickets below**

1 – Log in to your My Ticketmaster account ahead of time

2 – Select your Club from our AFL Fixture page here

3 – Select the match you’d like to purchase tickets for

4 – Once on the Ticket Purchase page, you will need to select the “Are You A Member?” option **(if you already see “Unlock Member Tickets” go to Step 5)

Home and Away Club Members: Where to find the “Are You A Member” button (click to view larger)

afl 2021 are you a member ticketmaster

5 – Click on ‘’Unlock Member Tickets’’

6 – Enter your barcode and click on ‘’Validate’’ (please enter one barcode per line, and a maximum of 6 barcodes per transaction

7 – From there, select the Member Upgrades and Additional Tickets (if applicable) and proceed to “Find Tickets”
Once you select your Ticket Quantity but before you click Find Tickets, you can filter by Price & Section

8 – From there progress through the purchase process as normal

All 2021 AFL Grand Final tickets will be digital

ticketmaster digital ticket afl 2021 finals

All tickets purchased through Ticketmaster are now digital, meaning you can easily access your tickets on your phone via the Ticketmaster app, add them straight to your phone’s ticket wallet, and share them with your friends and family. No PDFs, no printing, and no paper mean that you’ve always got your ticket with you.

Everyone MUST have their own ticket

Before the game, every adult MUST have their own ticket on their own phone – that way we can ensure social distancing and reduce queues at the entry gates.

Ticket Forwarding is free and allows you to quickly and securely share individual digital tickets with your family or friends via the Ticketmaster App or

How it works

1. Open the Ticketmaster App, sign in to your account, and click ‘My Events’ in the drop-down menu

2. Select the event, open the order, and tap ‘Forward’

3. Select the ticket/s you want to forward, enter your friend’s name, email address, and a message for them, tap ‘Confirm’

4. Your friend receives an email, asking them to accept the forwarded tickets, and they can either login or create a new Ticketmaster account to accept.

5. The tickets are now ready to go in your friend’s Ticketmaster account and marked as ‘Forwarded’ in your account .

All 2021 AFL Finals tickets for games have to be purchased online

All AFL tickets for games at Optus Stadium are only available via online sales. Tickets are not for sale via phones or ticketing outlets/box offices – excluding accessible tickets.

Only purchase through Ticketmaster to guarantee you have a valid ticket.

WA has recently introduced anti-scalping legislation that will be in place for the 2021 Toyota AFL Grand Final. Please see applicable ticket scalping legislation in Western Australia.

There will be a ticket queue

We expect that tickets to all 2021 AFL games will be in high demand, and to make the process fair for everyone you will be placed in a queue.

We recommend signing into your Ticketmaster account at least 10 minutes before tickets go on sale to save your spot and join the Pre-Queue waiting room.


Once you get your spot in the queue, please do not refresh your browser as you will be pushed to the end of the line.

We will get you through the queue as quickly as possible, so please sit tight.

smart queue

How do I purchase Accessible Seating tickets?

If you need to purchase Accessible Seating for the 2021 AFL Finals series, please fill out our Accessible Seating Request Form here and our Accessible Seating team will be in contact as soon as possible to help with your booking.

Please include as much information as possible, to assist our team in locating the best seats for you. Please note: by submitting this form, your tickets are not guaranteed.

Make sure you have a My Ticketmaster account

Get the basics covered before tickets go on sale by logging in and checking your Ticketmaster account ahead of time. If you don’t have a Ticketmaster Account, make sure you sign up in advance – In your account, add your top acts and events to your ‘Favourites’ and you’ll get alerts and email reminders before every onsale.

Sign in ahead of time

Remember to triple check your passwords, account information, and billing information are all filled in correctly in advance, that way you’re not facing any last-minute account updates when trying to process your order.

Keep an eye on the clock

There will be a time limit applied to all transactions as they’re progressed through the ticket purchasing stages. Remember to keep an eye on the timer on your screen and move through the processing pages as quickly as possible (this is even easier when you’ve completed the account set-up stage we mentioned above).

A reminder for the AFL 2021 Finals series…

Every venue will have different COVIDSafe guidelines – put in place to ensure the safety and wellbeing of everyone on event day. These safety measures may include zoned seating, cashless purchases, staggered entry times, and more.

It is best to stay up to date with any important guidelines before heading to the stadium on game day – keep an eye out for any communications from the AFL, your Club, the Stadium, and Ticketmaster for more information.