Contactless payments are coming

Buying tickets has never been so easy and the process is about the get even faster with Ticketmaster introducing contactless payments for customers who purchase event tickets at any of our box offices, outlets and venues throughout Australia.

People are becoming increasingly familiar with contactless payments with many vendors now relying on the technology to expedite the payment process. Basically, contactless payments allow customers to quickly and easily pay for purchases under $100 by touching their cards against the pay terminal.

There is no PIN or signature required for purchases under $100, which speeds up the purchase process and makes the ticket buying experience more convenient for live event goers.

All Ticketmaster payment facilities that already feature PCI Chip and Pin terminals will soon be fitted with the technology to allow for contactless payments. The roll-out is already well underway and all eligible box office and outlets will be fitted with the technology by the end of the year.

Contactless payments are also known as Paywave or Tap-and-Go and are fast becoming the norm in our market. Most cards that are enabled for contactless payments will have a logo or marking to indicate to the cardholder that they can simply tap their card and exit without a PIN or signature.

The reasoning behind enabling contactless payments is simple; it will speed up the process and allow for quicker transactions, which results in smaller queues and lower wait times for customers.

On top of contactless payments, Ticketmaster will also be able to facilitate mobile payments. Some banks are moving toward mobile payments, whereby a customer can simply hold their mobile device to the terminal and pay in a similar way to contactless card payments.

Mobile payments are enabled via a NFC chip built into smart phones. While the technology is relatively new in Australia, it will no doubt become the norm over the coming months and years.

All these payment advancements are designed with the customer in mind. No one likes to wait in line and go through arduous purchase processes. Ticketmaster is rolling out contactless payments to ensure the ticket buying process is as efficient and quick as possible.

When attending a live event, the experience is everything. Ticketmaster understands the procedure for buying a ticket is part of this experience and we take our role in the live event process very seriously. We want every Ticketmaster customer to have a wonderful and memorable experience every time they attend a live event.

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