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New music recommendations for June

This month's recommendations pack quite a punch 🤘

Our second new music playlist is even bigger and better than playlist number one. We’re having a very happy time listening to this month’s recommended tunes, so wherever you are, plug in those headphones and get listening to these fab new music tracks.

Why we’re loving these tunes:

Wide Awake by Parquet Courts

This is the latest single from the very prolific NYC group Parquet Courts. It’s a bit more adventurous than their previous work, with a funky riff that makes you feel like you’re hurtling through New York City during peak hour traffic. Kit

Silver Lining by Vancouver Sleep Clinic

Despite their name, Vancouver Sleep Clinic are neither from Canada, or sleep inducing. In fact, they are one of the most exciting acts Australia has to offer at the moment. Get into it before everyone else does so you can brag about how you liked them before they were famous. Anthony

Natural Woman by Kaiit

An Aussie that you should definitely watch, played at Golden Plains this year and killed it. Neo-Soul with some Jazz undertones and her voice is amazing. Highly recommend listening to her tunes. Taliah

Kissing Boys by Graace

This immensely addictive debut solo single from GRAACE should immediately cement her place on everyone’s emerging artists list. She was on triple j’s Hottest 100 after collaborating with Hayden James last year and I doubt it will be long before we see her back on her own accord. Kane

Everybody Knows by Kimbra

Kimbra’s new album Primal Heart has been a constant on my playlists for the past few months. My standout track on the album is Everybody Knows for its mid-tempo groove and quirky instrumentation and vocals. Kimbra has always been one of my favourite artists due to her excellent ear for harmony, alternative and original use of technology and her ability to continually progress her sound. I cannot wait to see her later this year! Natalie

Healing of the  Heartbeat by Tom Richardson

From Warrnambool, Victoria, this legend has got some serious talent. One of the biggest and best voices I’ve heard. Check out Tom Richardson’s new album Promise of the Light, you won’t be disappointed. Katie

Movie by Tom Misch

It’s near impossible to pick a favourite track from Misch’s new album Geography, but the opening of this one just wins it for me. The whole album is a journey and needs to be listened to in full. With soulful beats with a sprinkle of genius, Geography proves that British producer Tom Misch is one to watch. Sian

Be in Love by BAYNK

I think any fellow Kiwi getting noticed in Australia and the rest of the world deserves to be on every playlist going, and with this great new track. Kane

Happy Man by Jungle

The British neo-soul band Jungle have released their first music since Jul 2014 with two brand new singles. One of which, Happy Man, picks up straight where their first album finished, with hints of funk and heaps of good vibes to make you feel… well… happy! When you listen to this track you can hear so many elements as is expected from a seven-piece band. Jungle toured in Australia earlier this year and will hopefully be back soon – maybe with a new album featuring ‘Happy Man’. Mitch

Lovin’ is Bible by The Aces

The Aces are an all-American quartet who play indie pop with an electronic twist, they actually remind me a little bit of Haim. The girls brought out there first full album this year and they definitely have some catchy songs; one to watch for sure. Taliah

Bad Vibes Ruin Highs by At The Dakota

Darwin artists don’t get enough recognition for the breadth of talent that’s born of the region. At The Dakota are here to put Darwin on the musical map. Keep an eye on these guys. Anthony

It’s So Cruel by Ruby Boots

This new song from Australian Ruby Boots reminds me of dancing in a sweaty, dirty, smelly local bar. And I like that. I’m picking her indie rock/Americana vibe will be something more and more people will be aware of very soon. Kane

Carrie (I Want A Girl) by Moaning Lisa

Just like that, Moaning Lisa are everywhere. This track was the first thing I heard from the Canberra quartet and it totally hooked me in. They’ve just premiered their new song, Good, on triple j but wherever you start, be prepared to hear a lot more from Moaning Lisa this year. Jess

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