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New Music Recommendations For October

Tunes for these beaut spring mornings

Everybody has brought their a-game with this month’s recommendations. Plenty of summer beats to get to stuck into from a range of fab new artists from a range of genres. So get stuck into this month’s recommendations and discover something new.

Why we’re loving these new tunes: 

I’m A Mess Without You by Maribelle

My last recommendation is from local Brisbane band Sid’s Balcony. Their track Before You Forget is influenced by Winston Surfshirt and Tame Impala and an essential on your upcoming summer playlists. Taliah 

Ghosts by Luke Yeoward

Local Melbourne talent Luke Yeoman hits us with a great opening tune off of his latest titled album Ghosts. Lee 

Loser by Loser

A new project from parts of some of Melbourne’s finest (with Tim Maxwell (Apart From This/Grim Rhythm), Chris Cowburn (The Smith Street Band) and Craig Selak (The Bennies)), this has a nostalgic grungy pop punk vibe that feels a bit of like Weezer or Jimmy Eat World of old, yet still sounds super fresh. Ollie

In Death Valley by Tim Hecker

Tim Hecker returns an introspective gaze on his ninth record Konoyo, playing with the intricate textures and dynamism that have become hallmarks of his transcendental ambient oeuvre. For this record, he has collaborated with a gagaku – a form of Japanese classic music – ensemble, exploring the negative space created between this imperial style, and his own electro-accoustic manipulations. This is a beautiful and disarming record that truly envelopes you with each shift and creak, and re-affirms Hecker’s position as the premier force in neo-classical composition.  James

Monsters In Your Bedroom by Tertia May

Stumbled across this song by chance, when YouTube was doing its autoplay thing. This girl’s voice is so easy to listen to; I must have replayed the song for at least two hours when I first heard it. A perfect song to add to any jazz/soul playlist. Esther

Museum by CLEWS

They sound like First Aid Kit with a bit more umph, which is awesome! They killed it at Big Sound last month and supporting Holy Holy on tour next month so can’t wait to hear more. Ollie

Mothers by Steady Holiday

A fresh sound from LA artist Steady Holiday. This song gives you chills in all the right ways. Sian

Headache by 131’s

These self proclaimed ‘tattooed degenerates’ from Melbourne tear it up with their very own punk rock banger. Lee

In My Mouth by Wax Chattels

I actually don’t really know what to say about this band from Auckland. They are an assault of the senses and some people are just going to hate it, but their droning post punk noise is hypnotic and I keep coming back to it to give it another spin. One of the weirdest yet most enjoyable things I saw at Big Sound this year. Ollie

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