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New Music: Pinkish Blu

We pick the hottest new live acts so you can tell your friends you heard them first. This week's pick is Adelaide post-punk, sad-pop band Pinkish Blu.

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What happens when you take one part post-punk and mix it with a little synth-pop, some ’80s New Wave and a whole lot of feels? Well if you’re in Adelaide, you’ll end up with five-piece Pinkish Blu. After taking a step back from live shows to head into the studio at the end of 2017, they’ve stormed through 2018 in a big way. If they aren’t on your radar yet, what are you waiting for?

The Story

From the beginning

“Pinkish Blu started creating music ‘officially’ about 12-18 months ago. It got to this point after some members having been in bands since they were early teens, writing average-at-best pop-punk songs.”

What you’ll hear

“Our sound has been described as everything from ‘glittery’ and ‘shiny’ to ‘heartbreaking’ and ‘emo’. We’re really inspired by previous decades of music, mainly the ‘80s. There’s definitely a feeling we experience when listening to artists from that era which spawns a sense of nostalgia during our songwriting process.”

Influences & inspiration

“We are inspired by different aspects of life all the time, ranging from everyday life to music, philosophers, film, and even activism. But our greatest source of inspiration for making music is probably just other artists and art in general – in all aspects of creation. The fact that art and music especially is a part of/affects most people’s everyday lives and is essentially infinite in possibility is a really inspiring thing in itself.”

For the love of music

“Not sure that there’s a distinctive thing that we love about music, I think it’s just one of those things that you love, and you can’t quite explain why it is. Some things just happen to matter more to you than others and music is at the top for us.”

Kicking goals

“Playing BIGSOUND Festival in September meant a lot to us as we know how prestigious the week is for the Australian music industry. We were able to meet a bunch of amazing people and see a wide array of new incredible artists coming out of Australia.”

Essential Tracks

Pinkish Blu- Lovely

“Lovely was written almost three years ago at a time when I was looking back on a relationship and I could see things for what they really were, including who I really was which, at the time, was quite weak and dependent on someone. We sat on it for some time while writing other music but now it’s one of our favourite tracks. It’s the song that changed our sound. It’s funny how it surpassed many songs that were written after it.”

Pinkish Blu - Lovely (Official Music Video)

Pinkish Blu- Capricorn

“Capricorn is the second song we released. It was almost the opposite of Lovely. It was written two weeks later, was mixed and mastered, and ready for release. It was a really quick turnaround. It was written after I overwhelmed myself with how intricate and vast someone’s mind and personality can be, and how complex and crazy being in a relationship is because you’re trying to understand someone to their core. That concept blew my mind one day when I really thought about how much there really is to someone.”

Pinkish Blu - Capricorn (Music Video)

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