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New Music: Jamo

We're shining a spotlight on the best new Australian artists set to dominate 2020. Welcome sun-drenched dance aficionado Jamo.

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It is his home on Victoria’s Mornington Peninsula that is most prominent in Jamo’s music – sun-drenched beats and infectious melodies dripping with the energy of ocean waves has become his signature.

After growing up with the beach in his backyard, Jamo now uses music to share his little slice of paradise with anyone willing to listen. And while his tunes are sure to take you away to sunnier climes, it is the fearless and fun-loving nature that he injects into every one of his live shows that makes Jamo so unforgettable.

As well as supporting the likes of RUFUS, Pnau, Dillon Francis and Snakehips and tearing up band rooms and dancefloors around Victoria, Jamo has become a festival lineup staple, adding slots on Listen Out, Spilt Milk, Festival X, NYE on the Hill, Groovin The Moo, St Kilda Festival, and more to his ever-growing touring itinerary.

Sometimes it’s hard to tell what lies over the horizon for an artist like Jamo but after a huge 2019 we are only predicting big things for the next 12 months, that’s why we’ve handpicked him as one of our New For 2020 artists to watch.

jamo new for 2020

The Story

From the beginning

Jamo: “I first starting making music about six years ago, and I’ve always had the biggest passion for it. I was led into it by one of my mum’s friends, he introduced me to Synthesis and Digital Audio Workstations, and still today he shows me some tips and tricks.”

What you’ll hear

“I’ve heard a couple different descriptions of my sound, but I’ve always like ‘Sun-Drenched Dance Music’.”

Influences & inspiration

“My influences and inspirations have changed a lot recently, these days I’m super into the producers who can do across the board genres. Diplo is a great example of this. When not in the studio hanging with friends, checking out gigs and surfing still bring me great ideas when getting back into the studio.”

For the love of music

“What I love most about making music is the place it takes you. There’s nothing I like more in this world than creating something that can change the way people feel.”

Kicking goals

“My career highlight to date would have to be playing back to back festivals on the same weekend. It was a surreal experience. First playing Spilt Milk on the same stage as Tones and I then playing alongside Alison Wonderland’ at Festival X the next day.”

The hard yards

“My biggest challenge to date would have to be right back at the start when I was trying to produce music without knowing a drop of music theory. I was writing music for a year without knowing what a scale was (I was tone-deaf too). Goes to show you can do anything if you really put your mind to it.”

The year ahead

“In 2020 there will be new music and a new direction. I’m launching a brand new project with my best bud YOUNGSOUL called “Good Times, Good Buds” in early 2020 and I couldn’t be more excited.”

When we chat in 12 months…

“It would be incredible to have a brand new EP out, music videos, an Australian tour and merch…I’ll be busy!”

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Essential Listening 

Jamo – S.O.S

“My first release. The flute sound on the drop is actually YOUNGSOUL’s vocal pitched up 24 semitones and run through some guitar amps for extra tone.”


Jamo – Falling Deep

“The main idea was written in 15 minutes. It’s a club banga.”

JAMO - Falling Deep ft. HUE

Jamo – Pluto

“An instrumental track to take you on a journey out of space.”

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