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New Music: Jaguar Jonze

We pick the hottest new live acts so you can tell your friends you heard them first. This week's pick is Brisbane indie-rock guitar slinger Jaguar Jonze.

Ticketmaster New Music is your one-stop destination to discover the best emerging live acts before they explode. These are the artists we’re expecting to make waves in the live music scene, and we want you to know about them first.

We’re only two singles deep, and Brisbane native Deena Lynch has us completely wrapped in her artistic universe.

Under her musical stage name Jaguar Jonze she creates Western-tinged, indie-rock bops that you won’t be able to stop hitting repeat on. Then there is her Dusky Jonze project – a further peek into her mind, this time with her behind the camera lens, and finally, Spectator Jonze where you’ll find her discussing and dissecting the intricacies and importance of mental health through digital art. In short, Deena Lynch is an absolute art tour de force.

Everything I do stems from the need for dialogue – Jaguar being an internal dialogue with my subconscious, Spectator being an external dialogue with others on mental health and the mind and Dusky being a dialogue with the body,” Lynch says of the projects.

Some might describe Jaguar Jonze as a late bloomer, falling into music at 19 years old, but it is her natural instincts – both through the creative process and on stage – that prove this is exactly where Lynch was always meant to end up. On record she is hard to ignore, her powerful vocals and Spaghetti Western-pop wrap around your ears with ease, while on stage she is completely let loose, unhinged and banshee-like – a Jaguar Jonze live experience is one you won’t soon forget.

Jaguar Jonze is a guitar-slinging musical badarse and it’s time to get to know her.

The Story

From the beginning

Jaguar Jonze: “I actually started making music and writing songs about seven years ago. Music was something that I came into late when a very close friend of mine passed away. Music became the only way that I was able to process the grief that came with loss, death and heartbreak, and soon it overtook my life as a passion.”

What you’ll hear

JJ: “Dark, gritty, ethereal, driving, vulnerable. One of the sound’s trademark is definitely the use of Spaghetti Western guitars, which can’t be helped, having grown up with a cowboy dad.”

Influences & inspiration

JJ: “Musical influences are Portishead, The Last Shadow Puppets, War On Drugs, Angel Olsen, PJ Harvey, Nick Cave. Inspiration is my resilient, fortitudinous mother who sacrificed so much and kept a fiery fight through life’s adversities.”

For the love of music

JJ: “I actually love that music involves so much more than just musical creativity – it’s visual art, it’s film, it’s fashion, it’s packaging, it’s collaboration and all of its sonic aspects, from songwriting, to recording, arranging, production, mixing and the dark art of mastering haha.”

Kicking goals

JJ: “I’m still riding the BigSound high so I definitely think getting through that week of meetings, interviews, and four killer fun shows is on my list. Otherwise, I would say touring with Ocean Alley and also touring in Singapore and Indonesia last year where the crowds were yelling my lyrics louder than me.”

The year ahead

JJ: “Touring, more shows, more recording and perhaps another single ;)”

Essential Listening

Jaguar Jonze – Beijing Baby

JJ: “You’ve got to listen to this one with the music video. I am super proud of what we achieved from concept to finish. Cindy Vogels, who previously has worked with Lady Gaga, helped design and create this crazy outfit.”

Jaguar Jonze – You Got Left Behind

JJ: “My guitarist and I wrote the string arrangement when we had no idea how to go about it. We then had our friend Flora record the violin and viola 20 times over and layered it so that it sounded like we brought in a quartet.”

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