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Melbourne’s Local To Local Squad are ones to watch

Seriously, we are hooked.

Photo credit: Alishah Leontsinis

Last Saturday, the international multi-platinum crew Cali Swag District, best known for their 2010 double platinum debut single Teach Me How to Dougie, landed in Melbourne with the return of A1 Krashn and support from Local To Local to perform a killer show at Club Co. Crown.

A standout performance from the Local To Local boys, who have just come off the back of supporting Drake’s crew OVO, headlining their first sold-out performance at Club Co. Crown and proud to announce the completion of our debut mixtape coming late 2018. The Melbourne lads are explosive, performing all new material on stage to start the night off, really showing that they mean business. The group’s authoritative delivery added conviction to the entire event and imbued the club with a sense of local music and an electric vibe that you don’t want to miss.

The young members of Local to Local have shown strong signs of musical maturity, matching both A1 Krashn vibe and Cali Swag District’s flow to fittingly adjust their delivery whilst matching the upbeat nightclub production so that the synergy flowed smoothly through each performance.

Sustaining their unbroken stage presence with their new song Move which comes out next week. The Local boys made crown feel like home, perpetuating the unrestricted dynamic spirit that the whole group produces.

Words by Connor Carlyon