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Melbourne is named live music capital of the world

Live music is alive and well in Melbourne!

We’re not one to pick sides as we’re super proud to support all walks of life in Australia’s music and entertainment industry but we’d like to offer a huge pat on the back to Melbourne for officially confirming that it has one of the healthiest music scenes in the world.

Today, Music Victoria released the results of the second Melbourne Live Music Census analysis. Here’s some highlights:

In 2017,

  • Greater Melbourne hosted over 73,605 gigs (Up 19% since 2012)
  • Melbourne attracted over 17.5 million visits to live music performances
  • More than $1.42 billion was spent in small venues, concerts and festivals (up 16% since 2012)
  • Melbourne has one live music venue per 9,503 residents, making Melbourne the live music capital of the world
  • By comparison London has 245 venues (1 per 34,350 residents), New York has 453 venues (1 per 18,554 residents) and Los Angeles 510 venues (1 per 19,607 residents)

You can read Music Victoria’s full summary here.

We’re also throwing our support behind today’s #savethebasement in Sydney, where local music fans are gathering to help save much-loved venue, The Basement. You can sign the petition to keep The Basement open here. #savethebasement

It feels more important than ever to shout loud and proud about your local music venue. Help keep live music alive in your area by getting behind the venues you love and showing support to your local scene.