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LASHES shares her favourite tracks for romantic reflection in celebration of new single ‘Heavenly’

–stares longingly into the distance–

If you’re getting caught up in your winter feels and spending your days reflecting, Melbourne-based electropop artist Lashes has a treat for you.

Her new single ‘Heavenly’ is all about reflecting – of the love that wasn’t meant to be kind. This dark, alt-pop track can comfortably sit on a shelf alongside the likes of Lorde, Chvrches, Broods, or The 1975 – and we are so here for it.

After relocating from her hometown of Ballarat to Melbourne, Lashes – AKA the musical moniker of Yohanna Bright – has dropped her second single of the year. ‘Heavenly’ follows on from 2021 opener ‘Luv Is Blind’. The poolside anthem packed full of slick dancefloor-ready beats was perfect for the summer months, and now ‘Heavenly’ takes us gloriously into winter.

There is a lot to love about this track. From Lashes’ glorious vocals to the lush, soaring production that carries it all, and of course the songwriting, which just might be some of her best yet – this is the bold pop anthem you need to add to your playlists pronto.

‘Luv Is Blind’ scored love from the likes of triple j and MTV Australia, and we are expecting heads to continue turning Lashes’ way with her latest release. After stumbling on her love for songwriting at just seven years old, Lashes’ lack of patience to learn musical theory saw her become a self-taught instrumentalist. Now, in just four singles, we can get a pretty great idea of the pop artist she is set to become.

‘Heavenly’ is a mixed bag of emotions for me. A few years ago, I fell really hard for a friend of mine. It wasn’t meant to be, but I felt the most “myself” I’d ever felt when I was around this person, and that was a really difficult thing to let go of. The song is about all of the things that are left unsaid, and all those moments of looking back on the times shared, wondering if they cast you in the same light you cast them in.” 

LASHES on new single ‘Heavenly’

To celebrate her new single ‘Heavenly’, LASHES shares her favourite tracks for romantic reflection – the perfect soundtrack for looking back on all the times shared with a special someone.

Check out ‘Heavenly’ by LASHES:

LASHES’ favourite tracks for romantic reflection:

Majid Jordan – Waves Of Blue

“I feel like I will be eternally obsessed with this song and I can’t really pinpoint why. It gives me feel-good butterflies.”

Majid Jordan – Waves of Blue (Official Visualizer)

San Holo X Broods – Honest

“It’s a hot balmy night, long-drive kind of song. The vibe is carefree with a hint of melancholy but doesn’t dive too deep.”

San Holo – Honest (ft. Broods) [Official Music Video]

The Japanese House ft Justin Vernon – Dionne

“One of my all time favourite songs. If you’re going through some sort of heartache – this. is. the. song. It’s honest and raw and feels very personal, almost as if the song wasn’t meant for anyone else’s ears.”

“Wishing that someone would film the way I’m looking at you right now, I want to watch it back then kill myself” 
“I know it’s not very sexy when somebody loves you this much and knows you this well, but that’s the way it is”

The Japanese House, Justin Vernon – Dionne

Joji X Diplo – Daylight

“There’s something about Joji’s voice that makes me want to listen to the album in full when any of his songs come on. A bad Joji song doesn’t exist.”

Joji & Diplo – Daylight (Official Music Video)

Now, Now – Yours

“I find that Now, Now write such relatable songs. It makes me want to get up and dance whilst simultaneously texting a past love. Bit of a dangerous mix.”

Now, Now – Yours [Official Music Video]

No Rome – Do It Again

“A song for all occasions. This is a fun bop that I have on repeat every time I rediscover it because one play through isn’t enough. Then I rinse and repeat until I’m sick of it for another six months.”

No Rome – Do It Again

Cashmere Cat – Without You

“This whole album was great but I always got back to this song. It has a sad intensity to it that I like. There’s something special about the build in this song. It says everything without saying anything.”

Julia Michaels ft Niall Horan – What A Time

“Guilty of crying in the car to this song for sure. The emotion in her voice is so real, I feel like I’m going through it with her. It instantly transports me back to my saddest times.”

Julia Michaels – What A Time ft. Niall Horan

Robyn – Call Your Girlfriend

“Robyn is a classic. This is such a versatile song – whether you’re in the middle of a club screaming this song with a bunch of friends or you’re sitting in the bath or cleaning your bedroom – Robyn always goes off!”

Robyn – Call Your Girlfriend

Kiiara – Hang Up Tha Phone

“I have a lot of time for a sad, soft, electronic love song.”

Kiiara – Hang up tha phone (Official Audio)

The 1975 – Falling For You

“This album is the soundtrack to my 20’s, so a playlist wouldn’t be complete without The 1975. I made the monumental mistake of making this my alarm tone on my phone when I was young and dumb. I had to part ways with this song for a few years.”

The 1975 – fallingforyou

Check out the whole playlist:

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