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Electro-pop singer-songwriter Lashes and Melbourne-based artist Lakelend interview each other to celebrate new single ‘I Can See The End’

We pick the hottest new acts so you can tell your friends you heard them first. Electro-pop singer-songwriter Lashes and Melbourne-based artist Lakelend interview each other to celebrate new single 'I Can See The End'.

Take a dip into Ballarat-based singer-songwriter LASHES’ catalogue and you’ll find bold, electro-pop anthems that are both delicately raw and pack a real punch – and she is delivering another brilliant slice of it on her latest single ‘I Can See The End’.

Under her moniker Lashes, Yohanna Bright fuses sweetly sincere vocals with a tenacious and daring approach to production. It is something she has been building ever since she stumbled upon her love of songwriting at just seven years old – where a lack of patience to learn musical theory saw he become a self-taught instrumentalist.

From there, combining sonic influences like The 1975, Ellie Goulding, Hermitude, and Flume with the artists of her self-confessed “emo phase” led us to the energy and emotion of tracks like her newie ‘I Can See The End’.

We became properly acquainted with Lashes during her huge 2021, which saw her deliver two dazzling singles; dark, alt-pop reflection ‘Heavenly’ and poolside anthem ‘Luv is Blind’ – now she delivers a heady mix of groove-filled pop and the anxiety and emotions of those early stages of liking someone when the self-sabotaging starts to kick in.

On ‘I Can See The End’, Lashes amps up the “emo phase” influence even further, kicking up the track’s emotional weight thanks to fellow pop powerhouse Lakelend, who brings his distinctive brand of heartbreak electronica to the single’s second verse.

As well as a knack for writing shimmering electro pop gems, Lashes also knows how to give us a fantastic video – and the visuals for ‘I Can See The End’ continue that trend. Directed by She Is Aphrodite (who is also behind the lead images here too), the retro television feel pulls the whole thing together perfectly. It’s both delicately vulnerable and warmly nostalgic.

‘I Can See The End’ is about the early stages of liking someone and how unsettling it can feel. I find it really hard to enjoy the ‘crushy’ phase. I’m filled with frantic energy and act like weird version of myself. I’m hyper-aware of their presence and read into our interactions (to later decipher with my friends instead of just asking).


The feature happened organically, I was part of Lakelend’s debut show and since then we’ve become good friends, we bonded over our love of Chase Atlantic, and our similar relationship experiences. We had so much fun in the studio recording Lakelend’s verse and his buttery-bravado fit perfectly with the vibe of the song.


To celebrate the release of ‘I Can See The End’ and this incredible team up, we sat down with Lashes and Lakelend and let them interview each other.

Check out ‘I Can See The End’ by Lashes ft Lakelend

LASHES – I Can See The End (feat. Lakelend) (Official Video)

Lakelend asks Lashes

Lakelend: If you could pick one artist dead or alive to collab with, who would it be?

Lashes: Skrillex! I need to keep the MySpace collab dream alive.

Lakelend: Have you written any songs about people that you’re close to with them not actually knowing the song is about them?

Lashes: Yes I have! Probably too many to count. Well, they never asked me to my face so I assume they were unaware, but I’ve had a few ex’s ask if a certain song was about them…(it wasn’t, it was about someone else, sorry).

Lakelend: Who was your childhood crush?

Lashes: I had it bad for Zac Hanson and Daniel Radcliffe.

Lakelend: If you could morph into Post Malone or Justin Bieber for a day who would it be and why?

Lashes: I would go with JB so I could be married to Hailey Bieber.

Lakelend: Favourite artist/band of all time?

Lashes: In my teens I would’ve said Paramore, but The 1975 have been the soundtrack to my 20’s.

The 1975 – Girls (Official Video)

Lakelend: What was the first CD you owned?

Lashes: It’s not a CD but when I was in grade 1 a boy from school gave me a Korn mixtape. My first CD however was Middle of Nowhere by Hanson.

Lakelend: SpongeBob or Futurama?

Lashes: Futurama for sure! Outer space is the place

Lakelend: What does that artist career goal moment that you’re currently chasing look like?

Lashes: I would love to do some shows outside of Australia in the near future.

Lakelend: If you had to listen to Kesha’s ‘Tik Tok’ or Nikki Webster’s ‘Strawberry Kisses’ for the rest of your life which one would it be?

Lashes: Nikki Webster! I had the ‘Strawberry Kisses’ instrumental on my Australian Idol karaoke machine – it went hard.

Nikki Webster – Strawberry Kisses

Lashes asks Lakelend

Lashes: Who was your first cartoon crush?

Lakelend: Bubbles from The Powerpuff Girls.

Lashes: Which album have you played on repeat the most throughout your life?

Lakelend: The Neighbourhood – I Love You.

Lashes: Do you have an irrational fear?

Lakelend: Dislocating my shoulder when I’m too lit. Those sockets are loosey-goosey.

Lashes: Tell me about the first song you ever wrote?

Lakelend: The first actual full lyrical song I wrote was the first one I put out, ‘Fall Down’. Which seems wild in hindsight. Before this, as I was only playing guitar in bands, I never had to write lyrics so this was all quite new to me.

Lashes: As a teenager, which artist did you want to be like?

Lakelend: Because I grew up playing guitar in metal bands, I actually more so idolised guitarists like Lee Malia from Bring Me The Horizon and Tom Searle (RIP) from Architects as I just wanted to be the shred lord of a heavy band.

Lashes: What level of spice do you think you can tolerate in your food?

Lakelend: I won’t devour anything that doesn’t have the word Volcano in it. Gotta feel like my mouth is situated right in the heart of Mount Doom.


Lashes: Is it true that you used to play Polocrosse? If so, could you tell me in detail what a day in the life of a polocrosser looks like?

Lakelend: There have been many rumours floating around this subject but we can settle them once and for all, right now.

I DID in fact not only used to play Polocrosse but captained the state of Victoria on multiple occasions. The tournaments were usually run over a weekend, so on day one you’d get up about 6am, feed the absolute steeds, feed yourself, get match ready, play about three games that day, and depending on if you made the finals for the next day would determine how many adult lemonades you’d have at the bar on the Saturday night.

Lashes: At the moment your signature ‘Lakelend’ colours are blue and yellow – was this in any way inspired by the Coldplay song?

Lakelend: Oooooo good question! They weren’t actually. The colour selection was more because I wanted something visual to brand myself with that people could identify before the music started to take over and my listeners became more familiar with the sound of it. I also chose these colours as they draw parallels to the feeling I get when creating and listening to my own music.


Lashes: Would you rather release an album of rough demos (of your choice) OR have your label release a two-disc album after you’ve passed away that you have no say in?

Lakelend: Unless it was done with my best interests at heart re collaborators and producers, and I completely trusted my team that were still alive, I’d rather people just have what I had put out and signed off on.

I think someone like Juice WRLD’s team have done so well with the music that has been released after he passed as it all feels true to what he would have done.

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