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Ballarat’s LASHES shares her favourite gaming, film and television soundtracks

If you’re longing to keep the summer vibes going as much as we are, then Ballarat electro-pop newcomer LASHES has exactly what you need with her latest single ‘Luv Is Blind’.

The poolside anthem, co-written with Northeast Party Houses’s Mitch Ansell, is absolutely brilliant – packed full of slick dancefloor-ready beats and showcasing her gorgeous vocals. We can’t believe she is only on single number three.

Written right before the first COVID-19 lockdown in Victoria, ‘Luv Is Blind’ is filled with a refreshing warmth that we all need these days, and it demands every bit of your attention.

‘Luv Is Blind’ is about unrequited love and the things you softly tell yourself to lessen the blow and feel better about it. I was having a tough time moving on from somebody – I found myself daydreaming about them and the ideal scenario playing out between us. I had my rose coloured glasses on not wanting to see things for how they truly were.


She might still be a new face on the scene, but Ballarat local LASHES – real name Yohanna Bright – is an artist you need to keep your ears locked on.

LASHES is a self-professed pop culture nerd, and we won’t ever pass up an opportunity to indulge, so we sat down to learn about her favourite gaming, film, and television soundtracks. Let the good times begin.

Check out ‘Luv Is Blind’ by LASHES:

LASHES – Luv Is Blind [Official Music Video]

The best film, TV, and game soundtracks, according to LASHES

The Land Before Time

Song Compilations | The Land Before Time | Singing Dinosaurs

James Horner wrote and composed the music for The Land Before Time. It’s the most amazing soundtrack. ‘Whispering Winds’ is honestly the best thing I’ve ever heard. There’s a Youtube version that is 800% slower that goes for just over an hour.

Romeo & Juliet

Des`Ree Kissing You Romeo & Juliet

Rome & Juliet is one of my favourite films. The soundtrack has a bit of everything, but the song ‘I’m Kissing You’ by Des’Ree is incredibly moving.

Stranger Things

The Stranger Things soundtrack has 36 glorious synthwave tracks on it. The amount of times I had to Shazam the opening episode to find the song name is shameful. It’s called ‘Kids’ if anyone is asking.

Kingdom Hearts

Utada – Passion/Sanctuary (Live Ver.)

Kingdom Hearts was so good! I never had a PS2 growing up (I was xbox) so I had to go to my friend Nikky’s house to play it. Which makes it feel more special than it probably was. The soundtrack is still iconic, the song ‘Sanctuary/Passion’ by Utada is the stand out.


Ori and the Will of the Wisps – Making of Soundtrack | Xbox

Ori is one of the most beautiful games I’ve played. The art style is meant to appear hand-drawn and is based off of anime films by Hayao Miyazaki. The musical score is magical. I watched the making of the soundtrack on YouTube the other day, it is an emotional masterpiece.


The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Original Soundtrack Track 11: Epona's Song

For the longest time, I thought Zelda was actually the character Link (who is on the front cover of the game) which makes me feel like a fake fan, but either way the original soundtrack is very classic. ‘Epona’s Song’ (which I mistakenly thought was called ‘The Pony Song), ‘Song of Storms’ and ‘Ocarina of Time’ are simple and cute, but widely known.


Halo Theme Song Original

Halo is one of the first games I ever played. My sister and I would play co-op split screen, and we clocked every Halo game. It’s the most nostalgic for me, and the soundtrack takes me right back to when I was 8 or 9 years old fighting those terrifying spiky slow walker aliens called Hunters.

Now that you know a bit more about LASHES and her love for pop-culture soundtracks, make sure you follow her on Facebook and Instagram to keep updated on everything she’s up to in 2021.

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