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Hallie | A kaleidoscope of self-reflexive social commentaries and big melodies

We're shining a spotlight on the best new Australian artists set to dominate 2021. Welcome Brisbane pop rocker Hallie.

One part soaring vocals, a cup of floating melodies, and a dash of quirky, self-reflexive social commentaries – mix it all together and you get only a taste of what you can expect from Brisbane indie pop-rock artist Hallie.

After winning triple j unearthed’s Bigsound Competition in 2019, Hallie released her debut EP, Wink Wink Nudge Nudge. Since then, she has toured with the likes of Spacey Jane, Stella Donnelly, Eliza & Delusions, Charlie Collins, Geowulf and Holy Holy – making a name for herself thanks to her energetic and engaging live shows along the way. 

Drawing on influences across jazz, folk, rock, and pop – everyone from Carole King and Joni Mitchell to The Veronicas – it is her out of this world vocals and knack for goosebump-inducing storytelling that make Hallie the whole package.

Her sincere yet playful lyrics see her humorously commenting on the ordinary and the everyday, her honest stories about her life and her observations of the world around her crafted in a way that makes her music impossible to forget.

Kicking into 2020, Hallie fired out of the gates with her latest single ‘Sympathy’. Beautiful showcasing her powerful voice and self-reflective writing style, it received nods from Spotify, Apple Music, triple j, Rage, and even MTV.

At the heart of Brisbane’s music scene is the community and connection shared between its artists, and 2020 also saw Hallie join Sycco (another of our New For 2021 stars) as a backing vocalist for her Like A Version performance of Pnau’s ‘Embrace’ and covering The Veronicas’ ‘Untouched’ at Expo 88 together.

Check out Hallie’s new single ‘Sydney Hates Me’:

Hallie – Sydney Hates Me (Official Video)

The Hallie Story

From the beginning

Hallie: “I have a cute little songwriting book from 2006 which means I was probably seven when I wrote my first HIT haha! I grew up with a jazz musician for a pop, and creativity was always encouraged in my family. I have vivid memories of performing plays with my cousins whenever we had family gatherings.”

What you’ll hear

Hallie: “Describing my sound is always a fun little mission – I think you could say rock, pop, folk, and indie all combined? Whatever works for you really! I fell in love with folk and storytelling first, and then discovered Australian indie rock and had my sad American pop stage. Now I’ve come to this weird combo in the middle – the Hallie sound!”

Influences & inspiration

Hallie: “I am influenced by creatives who are really strong individuals, usually women. First person that comes to mind is Maggie Rogers – a game changer in both pop and folk music and such an authentic, vulnerable artist with her fans. Another is Stella Donnelly with her unfiltered discussions on feminism, and she’s just so good at standing up for what’s right. I feel so inspired by them both musically and as people.”

For the love of music

Hallie: “THE EMOTIONNN! I just think it’s the best part of the whole process with music. It’s the cycle of releasing your emotions and sharing those emotions and then other people feeling emotions from your emotions AND it’s so important and beautiful and so human.”

Kicking goals

Hallie: “There are so many moments that I’m thinking of right now that are making me SMILEEE. I think honestly, in this last year I’ve finally found my sound and really fallen in love with my music properly, and that’s been my biggest achievement yet! Also touring with Holy Holy will always be such a highlight and all the amazing support I’ve had from triple j Unearthed and triple j. Really grateful for it ALL.”

2020 taught me

Hallie: “So SO much was learnt in that year – I think the importance of time for yourself and with your friends and breaking from the societal standard that is needing to constantly be working and working REALLY hard. I think without down time you can’t do your best hard work anyway, so I definitely worked on finding that balance and still am.”

The year ahead

Hallie: “What’s planned for 2021? EVERYTHINGGGGGG…& nothing! I want to show everyone this new music I’m so proud of, and do lots of visual content to go with it because really I can’t count on touring or performing a lot at the moment (still a big hope though!) One of my friends told me yesterday ‘surrender to the flow’ and I think that is very much my mindset right now.”

When we chat in 12 months…

Hallie: “I hope to be producing my own music solely by myself (currently co-producing a lot) and if festivals are around more by then I would love to be on those lineups.”

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Essential Listening

Hallie – Wink Wink Nudge Nudge

“The night I wrote it I posted a snippet to my Instagram and the person I wrote it about finally got the message because of it haha.”

Hallie – Sympathy

Hallie – Sympathy (Official Music Video)

“I wrote it lying on the floor with my feet in the air.”

Hallie – Fairy Bread (unreleased)

“This is my favourite song I’ve EVER written.”

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