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Ticketmaster’s Fresh Scoop: the best new music (13/05)

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Singles of the week

Ainslie Wills – Fear of Missing Out

Ainslie Wills is an absolute treasure, and it’s gems like her latest single ‘Fear Of Missing Out’ that really show us just why that is. We’ve all felt it, that singular moment that sends us on a tailspin. Pick up your phone, open any social media app, and immediately we’re reminded of all the things we aren’t doing, of the people we aren’t invited to hang out with, of everything we’re missing out on. Honest, open, and direct storytelling is what Wills does best, and the sorrow within this very relatable everyday struggle is one we can all attest too.

Belle Haven – Forget Me

If you aren’t acquainted with Melbourne heavy-hitters Belle Haven, let us introduce you. Following 2017’s full-length You, Me & Everything In Between, 2018 was a rather quiet time for the band – and as they have recently revealed, a year full of curveballs and uncertainty. While that mightn’t have cleared up just yet, they have blessed our ears with this straight-out-of-the-early-2000s post-hardcore goodie. While musically it might not be as heavy as the band’s past material, they aren’t shying away from hitting hard in the feelings department.

Bene – Evil Spider

Our New Zealand team picked Bene as an artist to watch this year, and with tracks like ‘Evil Spider’ you can bet that we’re definitely on board. With a chorus that is this instantly likeable and a melody layered in catchy grooves and soulful guitar it has absolutely everything we want. Next up, Bene is set to drop her debut EP towards the end of June, and alongside this single and her breakout hit ‘Soaked’ we can’t wait to hear what comes next.

Carla Geneve – Yesterday’s Clothes

Welcoming the announcement of her debut EP, Perth singer-songwriter Carla Geneve has dropped the gorgeous ‘Yesterday’s Clothes’. Simple and stripped back, this one tells a tale of falling out of love and feeling guilty about it – and every single line is drenched in that heartache. If you like Courtney Barnett, you’ll find a lot to love here – Geneve has the same laidback, slacker, indie rock vibe but with a greater pop slant to her vocal.

Cxloe – Low Blow

Australia’s pop scene is so strong at the moment, there are so many contenders for ultimate pop queen status (how has the mainstream not picked up on this yet, get it together!) that it’s hard to pick who we stan more. The recent run from Sydney artist CXLOE surely sits her pretty close to the front of the pack, and ‘Low Blow’ is just another gem she can add to her artillery of musical weapons. Pulsating pop music with a hard-hitting chorus that’ll have you singing along in no time is the flavour of this tune, and we are going in for seconds.

Denzel Curry – Ricky

Thanks to pioneers like Denzel Curry, his is a sound we’ve been hearing a lot more of recently. An ode to the Florida rapper’s father, ‘Ricky’ sees Curry reflecting on his upbringing and his parents’ advice. Bassy synths and 808s carry the track and make sure it’s one of the catchiest you’ll hear today. Following last year’s full-length TA1300, keep your ears peeled for more fire dropping in ASAP.

Flying Lotus X Anderson .Paak – More

Flying Lotus is a genre-bending producer-extraordinaiire, that we are all already aware of. But his pairing with the smooth vocals of Anderson .Paak is an absolute dream. The pair have been teasing this collab for the last two years, and heck it was definitely worth the wait. Soulful grooves and gritty production complement the Cali vocalist perfectly while finding the perfect balance that ensures both artists shine without stepping on eachother. Flylo’s sixth album Flamagra will land on Friday 24 May and marks the end of a five-year hiatus. We’re glad the break is over.

Grace Carter – Don’t Hurt Like It Used To

Finding a balance between uplifting anthem and heartaching vulnerability, Grace Carter’s latest single ‘Don’t Hurt Like It Used To’ is huge. Her vocal is powerful and stoic, with an underlying delicacy that’ll poke at the not in your stomach, while the melody makes you want to stand up and sing at the top of your lungs. Above all else, this is a song about triumph, and that’s exactly the mood Carter is channeling as she drops incredible track after incredible track.

Idles – Mercedes Marxist

British punks Idles are proving themselves to be an ever-reliable force. Although this is the first new material the band have released since their incredible 2018 full-length Joy As An Act of Resistance, frontman Joe Talbot has revealed it was actually one of the first tracks written for the album. Maybe that’s why it feels so familiar. Huge, frenzied guitars and pummelling drums keep the track moving at an almost mechanical pace, but the lyrics are as angry as we’ve come to expect.

Kian – Telephone

We love Kian, and if you’ve been around long enough you would have heard us gush over and over. We picked him as one of our Artists to Watch in 2019 and the latest slice of his upcoming EP Bliss cements just how right we were. ‘Telephone’ is another smooth, soulful gem from the teenager. A simple, delicate groove leaves more than enough space for his incredible croon to shine, setting him one step closer to total world domination.

Kira Puru – Everything Is Better Without You

Yes, Kira Puru, YESSSS! ‘Everything Is Better Without You’ is an absolute bop. Ever single line is an earworm, the groove is an earworm – press play, and less than three minutes later Kira Puru has edged her way into your brain and there is no chance you’re getting her out. Puru’s powerhouse vocal is perfect for this self-empowerment anthem, and we’re feeling more badass just for having listened to it.

The Flowers – Truly Madly Sleepy

Preparing to release your debut single? New artists take note right here, this is a lesson on how to arrive in style. Meet The Flowers, our new fave Sydney trio. On ‘Truly, Madly, Sleepy’, they’ve delivered the perfect slice of fun indie rock, with a decent injection of bright pop gorgeousness. It’s lush, it’s beautiful, and it’s going straight to the pool room.

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