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Fourth Place are on fire in Melbourne

Local hip hop duo pack a punch on home turf

Straight from their show-stopping performance at Summernats 2018, and two massive Revolver shows in 2016 and 2017, Fourth Place return to complete the trilogy, with supports including Larks, KVNYL and frequent collaborator, Caleb Colton.

LARKS’ freestyle work makes him a standout, proving he’s one of the best from Melbourne’s South East. Eccentric and distinct, LARKS’ incorporates some words chosen by the crowd into his freestyle, effortlessly highlighting his high-energy stage presence and natural chemistry with the room. 

Onto Fourth Place and the boys open with new track, Hell, which is a bass-heavy anthem featuring some rapid fire aggression from B Shaw on the mic, combined with plenty of fresh beats and unmatched lyrics from the group.

The duo create a personal vibe for the front crowd to mosh to, which goes off particularly well during hit track, Where It’s At. Elsewhere, Crazy Nights provides a one-two combo to keep the crowd hyped and is met with chants loud enough to lift the roof.

Having the gig at Rev’s acts as a reminder of just how powerful this local hip hop group is. 

Maintaining their unbroken stage presence with a shoey, Fourth Place make the venue feel like home, and simultaneously exhibit the fierce community spirit that surrounds them. 

Words: Connor Carlyon

Fourth Place, Revolver Upstairs, 27 April 2018