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Music spotlight: Bluebeard Music

Based out of Brisbane, there's a lot to love about what Bluebeard Music do. Let's get to know some of the artists they work with.

Bluebeard Music – the full service Artist Management, Venue Booking and Event Management company headed up by Dominic Miller and Ruby-Jean McCabe – represent some of the best and most promising acts within Australia.

Here’s a chance to get to know some of our favourites – BugsSweater Curse, sleepclub, and Good Boy.

What do you love about making music?

Bugs: Too much to summarise in a few sentences. But one of my favourite things to experience is the cathartic healing power it can have. Making eye contact with someone in a crowd singing your lyrics back to you is a really powerful thing. Seeing how much it can mean to a stranger after it meant and means so much to you is a pretty rare connection and something I consider myself very lucky to witness.

Sweater Curse: Making music with sweater curse has been a really lovely process of introspection and celebration of friendship. Writing music offers the platform to vaguely talk about what’s going on in your life when it’s a bit too hard to talk about openly, and it helps me (Mon) process things to a point where I can talk about them openly.

sleepclub: Making music is special when you get to do it with people you are close to, and being able to share that with other people who might connect with it is super rare and makes it worth it. We all love hanging out and being silly together, and the music part is an added bonus and keeps our friendship strong and creative.

Good Boy: I don’t “love” making it, it’s more of a compulsive behaviour. A means to an end of sorts. It’s something to do.

What’s your greatest source of inspiration for making music?

Bugs: Overthinking is my greatest motivator, inspiration can come from anywhere. I guess the simple answer would be making friends/therapy. Music is such a powerful thing when it comes to solace. Hearing a lyric that means something to you; it can instantly make you feel less isolated – like you are a part of something. Having those moments are pretty rare as an adult, to feel less alone in this enormous world is nice.

Sweater Curse: Honestly the people around me and the fact that I’m almost always in my own head is what keeps me thinking about song ideas and what to write next, but it’s a different process for everyone.

sleepclub: Brisbane has a really great local community in music and the arts which is very motivating, as well as our own musical influences and favourite artists who keep us inspired. The shift in gender equality in music has been a big inspiration for us as well as it’s always been a big part of what we do, so to see that happen on a larger scale is another reason we want to progress and add to that positive shift.

Good Boy: The farce that is our political system, our parliament, and the inevitable death of the 3 “C’s” (colonialism, conservatism, capitalism)

Bugs // sleepclub

Who are some bands or people in Brisbane that we should keep an eye on?

Bugs: I think Sweater Curse are phenomenal. I honestly thought that before we were with the same booking agents and Bluebeard so don’t take it as a biased call. Pink Matter and First Beige are also super fun and remarkably talented.

Sweater Curse: We love WHALEHOUSE, Pool Shop, Vladik, First Beige, Pink Matter, el delpha, Rohan the Intern, Tiana Khasi, the list goes on. Brisbane has a huge music community and everyone is great.

sleepclub: Start Together, Pool Shop and First Beige are all great bands that people should all know about as well as the people of Control and GRAIN.

What can punters expect from your live show?

Bugs: All the hits. Nah, just a nice wholesome fun time with your pals. We try to make sure it doesn’t get too rowdy with our crowds.

Sweater Curse: You can expect a lot of stupid jokes from Monica to fill time while Chris is tuning his guitar.

sleepclub: We’re pretty silly at our live shows and will probably make jokes if there’s any awkward silence, but also when we’re playing our songs people tend to be quite focused and quiet which is a nice contrast.

Good Boy: bass, guitar, drums, vocals, maybe horns, and a decent amount of rage.

Sweater Curse // Good Boy

What’s next for your band?

Bugs: Write as many fun new songs as we can to polish off our next release, and tour a little more next year maybe.

Sweater Curse: We have a video for our latest release ‘Mon’s Song’ about to come out, and then early next year we’re releasing our debut EP. We’re super excited about it.

sleepclub: We’re going to record and release our debut EP and focus on writing a bunch of new songs.

Good Boy: songs and tours, maybe?

Have a listen:


Sweater Curse


Good Boy