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Between You & Me | Pop-punk mainstays diving into the world of pop-infused rock

We pick the hottest new acts so you can tell your friends you heard them first. Meet Australian rockers Between You & Me on their new single 'Deadbeat'.

From acoustic covers to pop-punk mainstays, Australian rockers Between You & Me have covered a lot of ground – and on their latest single ‘Deadbeat’ they are racing into the band’s next chapter.

The second single taken from their forthcoming sophomore album, ‘Deadbeat’ sees Between You & Me hold a mirror up to the self-preoccupation and isolation that can come from pursuing one’s dream, and the impact this can have on their relationships.

The single continues the band’s shift away from the traditional pop-punk sound of their earlier catalogue, expanding towards a more refined pop-infused alt rock.

Fans first heard this new sound on their previous single ‘Supervillain’ – their first slice of new music in two years. The single earned support around the globe, with nods from the likes of NME, Rock Sound (UK), triple j, Dead Press (UK), and more.

The journey to the band’s second album has been anything but smooth sailing. With an initial plan to record with Canadian producer Sam Guiana derailed by the early stages of the global pandemic forcing Between You & Me to return back to Australia, and band members spread between Sydney, Melbourne, and Bateman’s Bay, it was never going to be easy.

But Between You & Me weren’t ready to accept defeat. And after navigating months of lockdown, they were able to secure an exemption to bring Guiana to Australia to record the album. A lot can change in ten months, and while initially disheartened, the result is the most collaborative Between You & Me effort to date.

It has been quite the journey. What initially started with frontman Jake Wilson gaining a local following by uploading acoustic songs and covers to YouTube, grew into a band that set out to carve out their own space in the pop-punk scene – and drawing the attention of legendary alternative music label Hopeless Records (Trophy Eyes, Tonight Alive, All Time Low) along the way.

Their debut album Everything Is Temporary, released in 2018, pushed Between You & Me onto the world stage – embarking on headline tours across Australia and Japan, sharing the stage with the likes of Tonight Alive, The Maine, Waterparks, Neck Deep, Stand Atlantic and Yours Truly, heading out on a number of international tours, including three North American runs, two UK tours and a headline tour of Europe, alongside a performance at the UK’s Slam Dunk Festival.

With influences ranging from blink-182, Foo Fighters, The 1975, to Hanson, Between You & Me have gone from strength to strength with every release. And if their new single ‘Deadbeat’ is anything to go by, we’re expecting exciting things from album number two.

Being in a band, I am often away from home for long periods of time. While at home, I also found myself prioritising my own endeavours over my relationship. During the pandemic, I was able to spend a lot more time with my girlfriend, and I felt a sense of remorse for the unwavering support that she gave me while I was absorbed in my own career. ‘Deadbeat’ is a self-reflection of my behaviours as a boyfriend and how I recognised I needed to do better

Between You & Me frontman Jake Wilson on new single ‘Deadbeat’

To celebrate Between You & Me’s new single ‘Deadbeat’, we sat down with the band’s frontman Jake Wilson to get to know them better.

Check out ‘Deadbeat’ by Between You & Me:

Between You & Me – Deadbeat (Official Music Video)

The Between You & Me Story

From the beginning 

Jake Wilson, Between You & Me: “I started writing music towards the end of high school when we had to write original songs for a musical assignment. They were rubbish.”

What you’ll hear 

“We would consider ourselves to be a rock band with a modern twist. Much of our earlier music would be considered ‘pop punk’, but over time we’ve refined our sound. As songwriters, we’ve grown, and our latest releases embody that.”

Influences & inspirations

“All of us have very different influences musically and otherwise. For me personally, I take a lot of my musical influence from growing up listening to Hanson. My favourite wrestler when I was a kid was also ‘Jeff Hardy’ – a key reason why I love to stage dive every set we play.”

On new single ‘Deadbeat’ 

“‘Deadbeat’ was one of the most fun song writing experiences I had on this album. The demo for it was a trap song which we weren’t really connecting with it. The day before we started recording the record, we decided to try to re-write it. With all of us in the studio sitting around an acoustic guitar, we wrote the whole song in a few hours. As for lyrical content, I wrote it in a time where I was away from my partner and fully consumed by recording our album. ‘Deadbeat’ is a self-reflection of my behaviours as a boyfriend and how I recognised I needed to do better.”

For the love of music 

“I love making music because no matter how many songs you write, the feeling you get when you know you’re onto something good, is amazing. Being a singer, writing lyrics can also be a cathartic way of expressing personal thoughts and feelings.”

Kicking goals  

“Our band has been very fortunate throughout our career to date with numerous international tours. My biggest highlight though was playing Slam Dunk in the UK. Seeing how many people came to watch our set, given the incredible lineup, was mind blowing.”

Overcoming struggle town  

“No doubt the biggest challenge this band has faced has been the release of our sophomore record. Given that the band’s second record can be the make-or-break release, we spent a lot of time determining the right producer to work with on it.

“We chose to work with Canadian based producer Sam Guaiana and planned for the recording to occur following a North American tour in February 2020. Of course, the global pandemic decided to derail our plans and forced us to return to Australia. Ever since returning, the process to record and release the record has been faced with numerous challenges and setbacks – it has written a new path that none of us could have imagined. The pandemic has hit many of us in the music industry hard and we certainly have felt the full force of it.”

The year ahead

“If the past 18 months has taught us anything, it is that we don’t know what the future holds for us…What we hope to achieve is put out a bunch of new singles and finally release our second album. Hopefully we can also get back on stage and chuck a tour around Australia.”

Essential Between You & Me Listening

Between You & Me – Supervillain 

“This is the first single off our sophomore release. We put this track out first as we knew that it was going to be very hit and miss from the listeners because the last time they heard us, we had a much more straight forward “pop punk” sound. Although plenty of people had positive/negative things to say, we write and release music because we love doing it.”

Between You & Me – Supervillain (Official Music Video)

Between You & Me – Deadbeat 

“I could be speaking too soon, but I have a feeling that this song will be a favourite with fans, both old and new. I guess that’s part of the fun of releasing new music – you can never predict what will do well and what won’t! We never thought of releasing it as a single, but after showing a bunch of people, it was their favourite. The breakdown at the end of the track is going to fun to play live…”

Between You & Me – Deadbeat (Official Music Video)

Between You & Me – Dakota

“Every band has that one song that they built much of their success off, and ‘Dakota’ is that track for us.This is the song that we are most known for, and it certainly gets the best crowd reaction live. ‘Dakota’ was written about a douchebag dude that was dating my female friend. He tried to get his football friends to intimidate me after the song went viral.”

Between You & Me – Dakota (Official Music Video)

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