What to pack for a day festival

Heading to a festival this year? You'll need this essential packing list

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Music festivals are the pinnacle of summer for any music fan, regardless of whether you’re more likely to be found covered in glow paint at a dance fest, or in the thick of the mosh pit at something a little heavier.

If you love music festivals but aren’t so into camping or sticking it out for more than one day, then this feature is for you.

We’ve devised a foolproof packing list for anyone heading to a one-day festival this summer.

Take note of these essentials and get packing.


Especially important if all your favourite bands are playing the main stage. Don’t forget to top up your sun cream at regular intervals.


Check whether you’re allowed to bring your own water bottle into the festival arena – if not, ensure it’s the first thing you buy once you’re through the gates. There will be water stations dotted throughout the grounds to ensure you stay hydrated.

Hand sanitizer

Nobody wants their day ruined by unwanted germs. Keep that sanitizer on tap every few hours.


Even more essential if you’ve got prescription specs.

Portable phone charger

Invest in a portable phone charger before you get to the festival, as your phone is sure to die early in the day. Otherwise, you’ll have no selfies, no Instagram stories, and no way of contacting your mates if you get lost.

Photos: Jay Wennington


Whoever told you earplugs aren’t cool was wrong. Stock up on a multi-pack from your local pharmacy or wear your headphones.

Garbage bag

You’ve never appreciated a garbage bag as much as you will during a one-day festival. Use it for rubbish, as something to sit on or as a makeshift poncho if the clouds break.


Plan for any food, drink and merch you might want to buy when you’re on site and avoid getting stuck in an ATM line while your favourite band is playing.

Small bag

Some festivals may have restrictions on bag sizes so be sure to check the event terms before you get packing.

Photos: Jay Wennington


Ever noticed how cold the evenings get even at the hottest summer festivals? Roll up a reliable layer to throw on when it gets dark.


Look, we don’t want it to rain but with four seasons in one day to contend with, who knows what might happen.


You won’t be getting very far without your tickets, and remember to check if you needed to print anything off beforehand.


You may need your ID for the bar or to use alongside your tickets in some cases.

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