Got the jab? Win tickets to the biggest tours in 2022 with Vaxstage Pass

Does it get much bigger than this?

We know you’ve been missing live music as much as we have! Whether it’s a sweaty bandroom or a heaving festival amphitheatre – nothing beats the feeling of singing at the top of your lungs, surrounded by other music fans. Think back to that feeling while we tell you about the hottest ticket in town – Vaxstage Pass!

The biggest names in live entertainment are ready to tour Australia and just by pulling up your sleeve and getting the jab you could be there to see them all.

By getting vaccinated* you’re playing a valuable part in getting live entertainment back on the road and making our community safer.   

In recognition of your contribution, Australia’s three largest promoters, Live Nation, Frontier Touring, and TEG are offering you the chance to win one of five of the biggest prizes ever offered up in live entertainment – two tickets to every one of their arena and stadium tours in 2022!

That’s right, you and a friend might just be the envy of everyone you know!

*Consult your health practitioner for advice on getting vaccinated

If you’re keen to enter or what to learn more about Vaxstage Pass, head to their website at We’ll see you in the mosh pit soon!