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The tracks we need to hear at Under The Southern Stars

Featuring some of the biggest and best live bands Australia has to offer, Under The Southern Stars is going to be huge. Here's a playlist of the tracks we can't wait to hear.

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Hoodoo Gurus – What’s My Scene

Taken from Hoodoo Gurus’ third album Blow Your Cool!, there surely isn’t a HG track bigger or more enduring than What’s My Scene. Even frontman Dave Faulkner says this is his favourite Hoodoo Gurus songs, saying, “Whenever I’m asked to name a favourite of my songs I usually choose this one, not because I think it’s “the best” but because it best captures everything I try to do when writing any song. I wouldn’t change a note or a syllable.” We can’t wait to sing along to this one.

You Am I – Berlin Chair

Led by the inimitable Tim Rogers, You Am I have been storming through the Australian music scene for the last three decades. While their discography is brimming with classic track after classic track, we can’t go past Berlin Chair. Taken from their 1993 debut album, it is still the pièce de résistance of their live set. And while you won’t be able to see it while you’re watching the band live, it’s accompanying video clip takes things up to the next level.

Eskimo Joe – Black Fingernails, Red Wine

It’s hard to pick just one track from Eskimo Joe’s back catalogue to highlight, but for now we’re going with Black Fingernails, Red Wine. The title track from the band’s third studio album is also their most successful to date. It was their first song to chart in the ARIA singles top ten (#6), scored Singke of the Year at the 2006 ARIA’s and held down the #2 spot in the triple J Hottest 100 of that year. Fun fact; due to the criminal themes of the above clip, it was only allowed to be aired at nightime in Australia, so the band had to make a second clip for daytime TV.

The Superjesus – Gravity

If you were a teenager in the late ’90s or early 2000s, then we’re certain The Superjesus’ Gravity was a part of the soundtrack of your life. With its huge chorus, perfectly made for top-of-your-lungs singalongs, it is a nostalgia-packed anthem. Plus, Sarah McLeod is a powerhouse frontperson, and seeing her unleash live is something everyone need’s to tick off their Aus Music bucketlist.

British India – I Can Make You Love Me

A little bit angsty, a little bit desperate, building into those huge stadium-rock guitars – in our opinion I Can Make You Love Me is definitive British India. Maybe they have bigger, more successful tracks but when we head to the rock show it’s all about the guitars and this tune is exploding with them.

The Getaway Plan – Where The City Meets The Sea

At their transition from the post-hardcore heaviness of their breakout EP Hold Conversation and the commercial success of their debut album, 2008’s Other Voices, Other Rooms, The Getaway Plan released Where The City Meets The Sea. While it still holds on to the foundations of the band’s rock sound, the single is brimming with pop hooks and really catapulted the band to national attention. It’s a hallmark of the album and a staple of the band’s live set – plus, it’s really fun to sing and dance along to.

Scott Darlow – Solid Rock

Released as the lead single taken from his fifth album, Solid Rock is one of Scott Darlow’s most successful tracks. A cover of Goanna’s 1982 hit, Darlow even enlisted the help of the song’s original singer Shane Howard and recorded the track as a duet. It was added to radio stations across Australia and New Zealand. Hopefully we’ll get the chance to see Scott perform it live because it’s a real treat.

Sheppard – Geronimo

It’s pretty hard to go past Sheppard’s breakthrough single Hey Geronimo when talking about the band. The earworm of a track was hard to escape when it was released back in 2014, and when we heard it now we still can’t help but get up and dance. Sometimes simple and catchy is key to a great song, and Sheppard definitely nailed it with this one.

Tour Dates:

Hastings Foreshore, Victoria – Saturday 12 January (excl Sheppard)

Broadwater Parklands, Queensland – Saturday 19 January (excl Eskimo Joe)

Sunshine Coast Stadium, Queensland – Sunday 20 January (excl Eskimo Joe)

Hart’s Mill Port Adelaide, South Australia – Friday 25 January (excl Sheppard)

Shoalhaven Turf Club, New South Wales – Saturday 26 January (excl Sheppard)

Westport Park, New South Wales – Sunday 27 January (excl Sheppard)

Under The Southern Stars will tour the country throughout January. Tickets are available through

Under The Southern Stars

Hoodoo Gurus, You Am I, Sheppard, Eskimo Joe, The Superjesus, British India, The Getaway Plan, Scott Darlow

  • Hastings Foreshore, Victoria
  • Broadwater Parklands, Queensland
  • Sunshine Coast Stadium, Queensland
  • Hart's Mill Port Adelaide, South Australia
  • Shoalhaven Turf Club, New South Wales
  • Westport Park, New South Wales

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