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Why The Joshua Tree is U2’s best album

Ahead of the band's tour this November, we take a look back at U2's seminal release 'The Joshua Tree'.

The year is 1987, mom jeans are the height of fashion for the first time, social media is still more than a decade away, people still go to the local Sanity to buy a round piece of plastic called a CD, and U2 are just about to reach new heights with the release of The Joshua Tree.

Music fans and critics across the globe argue that this was the band’s best album and we’re here to tell you why.

The stats show it all.

The album went 10 x platinum which makes it one of the best selling albums of all time. No one can argue with maths, and we definitely agree this time around.

‘With Or Without You’ is on The Joshua Tree and it’s definitely a moment in pop culture history

Remember when Ross and Rachel take a break and Ross calls into the radio to play that song to try and win her back? Or when Michael Scott presents ‘The faces of Scranton’ in the office? We’re certain every kid of studied English in high school had their heart absolutely ripped out during that moment in Looking For Alibrandi.

‘With Or Without You’ is playing during these iconic big-screen moments.

That’s before you even factor in all the tv shows it’s featured in – from Casualty to the Formula 1.

u2 With or Without You

The critics bloomin’ loved it.

Time Magazine dubbed the band as “rock’s hottest ticket” on their cover two days after the album’s release. Rolling Stone made The Joshua Tree their number 2 album of the year (U2 were robbed tbh), and NME hailed it as a better and braver record than anything else that’s likely to appear in 1987″.

We don’t always listen to the critics, but when they are dropping truth bombs, we have to agree.

The Joshua Tree made U2’s award season extra busy

U2 now have a whopping 22 Grammy Awards under their belt, but this is the album that earned them their very first two. They also added MTV and Brit awards to their mantle that year.


And finally, it’s just perfect to listen to

There are some absolute bangers on this album along with those epic ballads. From the shimmering intro of opener Where The Streets Have No Name’, flowing into the gorgeous double of ‘I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For’ and ‘With Or Without You’, the journey continues through a brilliant 50 minutes until the mournful hum that ends closer ‘Mothers of the Disappeared’.

Basically, the world can’t fault it and neither can we.

Tickets are available to see U2 at Marvel Stadium and Optus Stadium this November via


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