Quiz: Which The Veronicas era do you belong in?

Which one are you?

Since bursting on the scene back in 2004, Australian pop icons The Veronicas have continued to release bop after bop.

And with each era comes a new look, a new style, and a shift in sound. From the pop rock of their debut The Secret Life Of…, to the electro-pop bangers they treated us to on Hook Me Up or the treat they are delivering in 2021 with two new albums – The Veronicas are always ahead of the curve and they aren’t afraid to shake things up.

Want to know which The Veronicas era best suits your personality? Take our quiz to find out:

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Which Spotify playlist is your go-to?

Which The Veronicas song is on every one of your playlists?

If your life was a genre of music, which would it be?

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Which The Veronicas song deserves a music video?

the veronicas

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the veronicas

Which The Veronicas lyrics are we getting tattooed?

the veronicas onstage

Which The Veronicas era are you?
The Secret Life Of…

the secret life of the veronicas

It wasn’t just a phase and you’re still a self-confessed emo at heart. Pink and black is your go-to colour scheme, too much eyeliner is your go-to make up look, and if you hear your favourite songs from the early 2000s, we know you’re heading straight into the mosh pit. With bangers like ‘4Ever’, ‘Everything I’m Not’, and ‘When It All Falls Apart’, how could this glorious trip back to 2005 not be your favourite? It’s where it all began after all.
Hook Me Up

the veronicas hook me up

If we’re going to find you anywhere, it’s going to be on the dancefloor. You’re ahead of the curve and you like to do things differently, but when you leave your mark it is usually hard to forget. Just like The Veronicas did with their second album with its much-loved single – and the real Australian anthem – ‘Untouched’. Alongside electro-pop bangers ‘Hook Me Up’ and ‘Take Me On The Floor’, The Veronicas proved that they didn’t need big guitars to make a big impact.
The Veronicas

the veronicas self titled

One day you’re the life of the party and the next you’re rejecting every invite and choosing to stay inside with some Netflix and a cup of tea. But, when you make a comeback, you are definitely doing it in style. You’re not afraid to be vulnerable but you also have a habit of being too bold to be ignored. But most of all, you are who you are and that isn’t changing. Just like The Veronicas did with tracks like ‘Cruel’, ‘You Ruin Me’, and ‘Born Bob Dylan’.

the veronicas godzilla human

You like a little bit of everything, and you don’t like to choose. You like to keep people waiting, because you know when you finally deliver it’s going to be with your best work yet. You’re ambitious and you don’t do things in halves – in fact, you do things twice over just because you can. You live your life with one ethos in mind – “more is more”. That’s what we can expect from The Veronica’s pair of new albums – there’ll be moments of punk rock and r&b, electro, pop, huge bangers, vulnerable stripped-back moments, and MORE.

The Veronicas are currently out on their first national tour in six years, playing songs from the new album Godzilla, forthcoming album Human, and favourites from their back catalogue. So no matter which era describes you best, you’re going to get a little bit of everything on this tour.

The Veronicas 2021 Tour Dates

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The Veronicas will take their new albums Human and Godzilla to stages around Australia this June. Tickets are on sale via