Why The Stones Brown Sugar Is An Aussie Song

The Rolling Stones 1971 classic ‘Brown Sugar’ really is an Australian song.

Apart from the fact that Mick Jagger is half Australian, (his mother Eva was born in Sydney and grew up in Petersham), the song was written in Australia.

In the book Rolling Stones 50, Mick Jagger writes, “I wrote Brown Sugar in Braidwood in the middle of a field. They were really odd circumstances. I was doing this movie, Ned Kelly. and my hand got really damaged in this action scene. So stupid. I was truing to rehabilitate my hand and I have this new kind of electric guitar and I was playing it in the middle f the outback and wrote this tune”.

The Rolling Stones will resume their 14 On Fire tour on May 26 in Oslo, Norway.

The Rolling Stones will play at Hanging Rock and Hope Estate on their Australian tour. Tickets from

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