Snow Patrol don’t disappoint in Melbourne

It looks like the six year wait was definitely worth it

Northern Irish rockers Snow Patrol took the city of Melbourne by storm last night (2 Aug) to promote their brand new album, Wildness.

It’s hard to believe that it’s been six years since Snow Patrol last graced Australian shores, and judging by tonight’s reception at Melbourne’s iconic Palais Theatre – an overwhelming greeting from die-hard Irish and Aussie fans – it’s clear to see why Snow Patrol still have such a large and loyal fan base after all those years.

Photo: Jay Wennington / Live Nation

Before Snow Patrol take to the stage, we are treated to an opening set from local Melbourne indie collective, Husky. Encapsulating us with their smooth melodies, guitar, and keyboard sounds – Husky receive a warm reception from the get-go.

It’s clear that Husky Gawenda and Gideon Preiss are true talents, and together they’re an act to be reckoned with in the indie scene. Husky’s voice is truly tantalising and Gideon’s keyboard expertise completes it sevenfold. Husky’s sound takes us back to afternoons spent sitting on a back porch, warm drink in hand, with nothing but the sounds of trees rustling under the sweet serenity of soft indie music filtering through some garden speakers. What’s not to love?

Snow Patrol’s latest album Wildness is outstanding to say the least. Gary Lightbody and his band have managed to hit a much deeper level of artistry through their relatable lyrics, portraying a strong sense of honesty that fans certainly haven’t taken for granted.

Photo: Jay Wennington / Live Nation

Tonight at Palais Theatre, Gary Lightbody speaks to the audience in a way that makes the room feel like they’re experiencing an exact moment in his life, and one which he considers to be quite sacred to him.

Addressing the crowd in an open and honest way, Gary admits he had ‘mild-to-severe’ writer’s block for a number of years, and writing this album was a truly cathartic experience for him. As he finishes speaking in between songs, a fan yells out, “We love you Gary!” to which he bashfully replies, “Oh, stop it. You don’t even know me”. The room erupts and, with that, the singer’s ability to level with us through humour feels tremendous. We’re all drawn right in and hooked on every word.

Among their glittering new tracks, Snow Patrol don’t leave fans disappointed as they pump out a few of their well-known nostalgic hits such as Open Your Eyes, Take Back The City, Run and, of course, Chasing Cars, which feels like the cherry on top of a perfectly rounded set.

It’s safe to say Snow Patrol at Palais Theatre is a night to remember for fans and band alike.

Words by Lee Champion