Live: Alexisonfire are all fired up for Australian return

Alexisonfire have been holding nothing back during their recent Australian tour, delivering the reunion that Aussie fans were waiting oh-so-patiently for.

“After tonight’s show, I’d have to say this was our best tour ever,” guitarist Wade MacNeil confesses to a roaring crowd inside Melbourne’s Festival Hall. And frankly after tonight’s show, this may be one of our favourite times seeing the band live, too.

There’s a fire in the bellies of all five members as the Canadian outfit command the Festival Hall stage, a look of determination that’s only ever overcast by glimmers of awe when the room erupts into song.

Somehow the shows keep getting better 📸: @jordantanphoto

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Crafting the perfect setlist to successfully span their back catalogue is no mean feat but from the onslaught of Drunks, Lovers, Sinners and Saints, fans needn’t worry. This Could Be Anywhere In The World, Old Crows and We Are The Sound are fired out with military strength before .44 Caliber Love Letter proves Alexisonfire’s Aussie fans are as dedicated as they come.

The trio of vocalists in George Pettit, Dallas Green and Wade McNeil are as tight as when they first joined forces in 2001, while the sheer energy of bassist Chris Steele is a glorious thing to behold. Backing them is drummer Jordan Hastings, who’s relentless on the riser and powers the set from start to finish.

With an emotional encore which features Accidents and Happiness by the Kilowatt, no one really knows if this is a goodbye for now or forever, but fans can leave safe in the knowledge that The Only Band Ever gave them everything, once again.

Alexisonfire, Festival Hall – Melbourne, 17/01/16

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