Julia Jacklin had Melbourne fans under her spell

Following the release of her breathtaking second album 'Crushing', Julia Jacklin stunned Melbourne fans when she performed at The Forum.

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Photos: Supplied//By Jay Wennington

Words: By Rebekah Davis

Intense quietness filled Melbourne’s Forum Theatre when Julia Jacklin opened her set with ‘Body’ from latest album Crushing. It was clear from the moment Jacklin set foot onstage that her fans were dedicated to the reverence that her heartfelt storytelling deserves.

‘Leadlight’ from debut album Don’t Let The Kids Win granted a reprieve from the spell cast and showered the audience in the rippling dynamics that have become one of Jacklin’s trademarks. Clearly a crowd favourite, her gravelly vocals shone through.

Julia’s setlist was carefully crafted to take audiences on a journey. At times, her emotions were tangible. Tracks from Crushing carried with them the weight of the words, time, and place they were written. When introducing ‘Don’t Know How To Keep Loving You she quipped, “This is a song for those of you here who are currently breaking up.”

‘Turn Me Down’ and ‘When The Family Flies In’ had a rawness and purity, almost as though fans were there with her right in those moments when the music and lyrics came into being.

Picking the pace up once more with ‘You Were Right’ followed by ‘Pool Party’, this one-two emotional punch set the tone for the second half of the set, which had a bit more excited intensity coming into the last few songs of the night, building to its ultimate high point and ending on ‘Pressure To Party’.

Jacklin has established herself as a force to be reckoned with. She’s unafraid of the vulnerability in using dynamics to contribute to the story, which is a testament to her musicianship. The contribution of her band should not go unnoticed either. The beautiful blend of harmonies and instrumentation supported the imagery.

It would be remiss to not mention Olympia who belted and growled her way through her 40-minute support slot with stellar band members. As one of the most underrated artists in Australia, the set was seamless and she seemed at ease and born to be on the stage. Tracks like ‘Smoke Signals’ from debut album Self Talk and new single ‘Shoot To Forget’ cut through and pinged with rock twang.

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