The Cockroaches Wiggle Out A Best Of

The Cockroaches, that Sydney rock and roll band that also had that ”side-project” they called The Wiggles, will release a best of album in June.

‘Hey Let’s Go’ will span the greatest hits of The Cockroaches from 1984-1994.

The Cockroaches had five Top 40 hits and nine Top 100 singles in the 80s before Paul Field and Jeff Fatt started to wiggle it just a little bit.

The Cockroaches biggest hit ‘She’s The One’ reached no 9 in February, 1987 and the album The Cockroaches was a Top 10 album in Australia.

Hey Lets Go – The Cockroaches tracklisting

1. She’s the one
2. Double shot of my baby’s love
3. Something good this way comes
4. Some kind of girl
5. Bit by bit, little by little
6. Do the monkey
7. I’ll die if I don’t kiss you Toni
8. While we’re apart
9. Wait up (live in Brisbane)
10. You and me
11. You can’t sit down (live)
12. It’s another Saturday night
13. Good good good
14. Permanently single
15. Hey what now

The Cockroaches will also play a few shows in Sydney to support the release.

“We grew up playing in the pubs and clubs of Australia” said Anthony Field. His brother Paul added, “We were lucky to have had success in the 1980’s, we were played on radio, performed on TV shows like Countdown and Hey, Hey It’s Saturday and had so much fun.” Guitarist and songwriter John Field says, “We don’t know if we’ll ever do this again. Anthony is always away on tour and Jeff just turned 60!”.

The big question however is ‘can Jeff stay awake for some shows? ”And I promise I’ll stay awake for this one” Jeff insists.

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