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Imaginaria brings an immersive wonderland of light and sound to the heart of Melbourne

Part game. Part gallery. Part journey.

Journey to the heart of Melbourne and you’ll be welcomed into an immersive world where imagination and technology collide thanks to Imaginaria.

The walk-through installation – designed for kids and adults of any age – will feel like entering an entirely new dimension. The audiovisual play experience has been created to delight all the senses.

Conceptualised by Melbourne-based creative Nick Ennis and designed by a multidisciplinary team of industry creatives, Imaginaria will be one of the city’s first ticketed events post-COVID.

Drawing inspiration from international trends in the virtual and augmented reality space, Creative Director Nick Ennis said: “Trends in society are often reflections of our deeper needs, desires or values. We wanted to create a play experience that elevated you out of the digital fog and snapped you into the now. A creative reminder to slow down, be still and connect.”

What is Imaginaria?

Step inside The Imaginarium’s Portal (find it below the Melbourne Star) and you’ll slide and climb your way through dreamlike landscapes of shimmering light sculptures, multi-dimensional mazes, architectural inflatables, and even a black hole – all designed by renowned architects, artists, authors, music producers, scent designers, and more.

Each installation is fully interactive, with bespoke sound, scent and light activating in response to movement as you make your way through the dreamlike structure.

  • Feel time slow down as you play with echoing light and sound installations
  • Find your way through a spectacular light projection maze
  • Be enveloped by a giant inflatable bubble of light and sound
  • Walk the high beam of a NASA-inspired blackhole simulator
  • And that’s only the beginning…

What can I expect when visiting Imaginaria?

Imaginaria is a safe space for all. All spaces will be deep cleaned after each session. Hand sanitisation stations and foot protection slips will also supplied on entry.

Visitors will enter The Imaginarium’s Portal in one-hour blocks throughout the day, giving you plenty of time to enjoy the audiovisual splendour of your surroundings.

Mandatory face masks, staggered entry, temperature checks, and controlled capacity in each hour-long session are just a few health and safety procedures Imaginaria are putting in place to ensure every visitor can have a safe and fun experience.

Imaginaria will transform The District Docklands (find it below The Melbourne Star) in Melbourne until Sunday 31 July. Secure your tickets via